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Top Twos-Day: Shout out

March 23, 2015
Sunscribe VINE join us
image from Sunscribe VINE

Not quite the return of Top Twos-Day, but I’m here to offer a few nuggets today:

We’ve just wrapped the Sunscribe Table Contest, and are we ever excited! The winner’s name will appear on our Twitter and Facebook feed this Saturday, so check our media stream for who the lucky recipient is, and offer them some congrats.

In the meantime, swing by Move From Thinking To Doing and meet Annette Clark, catch some writing and editing inspiration including a plug for Sunscribe’s contest, and give her a shout out as a fellow reader, writer and editor!

If you haven’t already discovered us on VINE, join us, we’re having a blast!

Top Twos-Day will return, revamped. Catch previous ones, and stay tuned for new. Thanks for bearing with me, it seems like my middle name is “change,” I do it so often.

You all are so gracious, and accommodating, I feel free to shift things around, like rearranging living room furniture. Glad for the company and the “new feeling” change offers. Hope you like it as we move forward!







Sunday Funny: Twisted TV

March 15, 2015



Sunday Funny: Seriously?

March 8, 2015

Possible?  Oh yeah, probable!


Happy Reading Month!

Dividing Thyme

March 4, 2015

dividing thyme

Yesterday I had the glorious opportunity to dig in the dirt. The daffodils poked through one of the weed choked garden beds, and the hyacinths inched up, closing in on the yellow sunshine’s heels.

tender oregano
Along with those colorful bulbs, I have a fragrant herb bed. I wish you could breathe in the aroma, thyme, rosemary, oregano and lemon balm scented my work gloves, drifted through the air and settled around me like a spring blanket.
It would be an understatement to say I thoroughly enjoyed my outdoor chore, tennis shoe clad, for the first time since that horrible heel accident last September.

fragrant rosemary
I raked, yanked and trimmed those perennials. Then I dug up, divided and replanted the herb bed. Finally, with Hemingway’s watchful eye, I clipped away the stray branches from our hardy poplar.
Two hours later, I slipped off my shoes and propped up my feet, scanning the newly sculpted landscape from the deck. Oh, it felt good to be in 50 degree weather!
Today, the rain came, and we barely made it into the 40’s, but I can smell spring, on my gloves in the garage, that heady scent intoxicating. I am ready, bring on the time change this weekend, because I know exactly how I will divide my time.
What are you up to as the clock hands point forward this Saturday, bringing incrementally longer days?

Instead of blind auditions, blind book date!

February 26, 2015

The perfect blind date!


I love this idea! Wrapped books  exchanged in classrooms, too!

Dear Rheem the water heater people: #CustomerService please!

February 20, 2015


I need a bath!
Short and not-so-sweet, a bit of a twist from my usual upbeat posts, I do apologize in advance.
My hot water heater, a Rheem unit, barely 2 ½ years old, quit working Sunday morning during my shower. I’ll spare the ugly details and get to the point: Rheem’s replacement part, under warranty, did NOT arrive until this afternoon, a full five days after it was “over-night express shipped, guaranteed delivery on Tuesday.”
My plumber, my hero who wishes to remain anonymous, arrived Sunday a few hours after my panicked call, ordered the part from my home Monday morning because he was required to be on the phone with a Rheem rep when he opened the “under-warranty” unit.
My beef: Rheem customer service gave me the heave-ho today, said they lived up to their end of the warranty, and sayonara lady, when I stated that the only thing I wanted them to do was pay for the labor to have the part installed. A part under warranty. Five days later. No hot water. What year is it?
I realize that Rheem is not responsible for FedEx’s late delivery, but as I pointed out to the numerous representatives at Rheem, as a business owner myself, if a customer did not receive a product under warranty, I would damn sure drop ship another part! And because the customer had to wait so long, I would pay for the labor to install it. Yep, that’s just me. Certainly not Rheem.
So I will take my complaint public, when I could have shouted praises. This is the beginning. Karma matters, for me, for you, for companies.
What say you all?

Congratulations to the 20 $150k Mission Main Street Grant Recipients

January 21, 2015

Sunscribe August 13 2013 pen nib i2 1

Many of you supported my company Sunscribe in our quest to compete for a grant from Chase in their Mission Main Street program in October 2014. You waited patiently with us, counting down the days until January when the 20 winners would be announced.

Tis bittersweet news: We discovered today we are not a recipient of a $150,000 Mission Main Street Grant. Thank you again, to all our voters and supporters!

While we are sad we didn’t make it into the finale, we had a great run! Our team ran the race, chins to the wind, and now we are highly motivated for the next one.

We wish those businesses selected much success, and look forward to seeing many great things from these companies as 2015 unfolds. Full list posted on our website…

Roxie ;-)


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