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This just in!

August 24, 2015

In light of recent political sightings, I offer a second Sunday Funny installment.


Sunday Funny: download time

August 23, 2015


Happy end of summer!

Happy Birthday!

August 16, 2015


On this day in history:
6 years ago I began blogging, and WordPress kindly wished me a happy blog birthday!
But this is a celebration that wouldn’t be possible without YOU!
Join me in this virtual party, Cheers!



Top Twos-Day: Samsung Pay, Mind Your Manners

August 14, 2015
remember phones with cords

held captive


The old days, when a phone meant only one thing. And so did a TV.

Both are now smarter than the average guy (or bear) and there’s talk that Samsung’s New Smart Pay is superior than Apple Pay. Images of school yard chants, “My pays better than your pay!” come to mind. Read more in TechCrunch…
Samsung, it’s everywhere you want to be. Does this mean bye bye Visa? Digital Trends preps us for the September roll-out here…


Blogging platforms may be in for a fight, as mediums duke it out. Not relying on sheer clairvoyance, changes are a-coming to the all in your Face-book platform. Social Times alerts WordPress users. Read the full article…

It’s all about that traffic, that traffic, and not at all about the base.


Bonus round kids! Sunscribe opens monthly for certain submissions. Keep watch by signing up for their newsletter or check the website for complete details at Sunscribe submissions.

More Top Twos-Days…

Top Twos-Day Returns: Book Market Watch

August 9, 2015

not to be trusted in bookstore button

The momentum continues here, marching valiantly onward concerning things publishing, writing, reading, etc.

And for the lighter side, I bring back, Top Twos-Day (previous posts here):

Have you heard the serious criticism?  The newly released Go Set A Watchman, “is not a sequel or prequel to ‘To Kill A Mockingbird.'”

Brilliant Books in Michigan is offering readers their money back because of their disappointment in the way the book was advertised. The website posted a notice for readers to consider, “It is a first draft that was originally, and rightfully, rejected.”
Read more at the Minnesota Public Radio website here.

Continuing with bookstore news you may want to know about, Barnes and Noble site relaunch issues still plague users, “It has been partially back up since then but is not functioning at 100%,” wrote one reader. “We have been receiving and shipping out orders from Barnes & Noble since July 19th, but have still not been paid for any of them.” Consider this as you decide the fate of your book on these shelves.
Read the details at eCommerce Bytes

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Sunday Funny: a clear case of stripes vs solids

August 8, 2015


A senior moment, lol!

More Sunday Funnies…

The new hashtag: #crazycatladythatsme

August 7, 2015

As a Twitter user, I like the hashtag search feature.  So I’m creating my own (or maybe someone else already did?) and welcome users – but share at your own risk!
Because hashtags or, labels stick.


from READING ROOM, read more…

Unless they are nametags at a conference, then they droop.
The last time I wore a sticker proclaiming my name, it wiggled under my sleeveless top.  Sorry about that visual.

Yet it still had enough tack to adhere to my take home box. Go figure.

While it seems like I’m pole-vaulting topics, I…
yeah I guess I am.


for higher status SEO results, link to your own site!


Back to #crazycatladythatsme.
Truly fits ’cause – well, I’ve proven my point, right?

One last thought, before we all go celebrate the weekend. I took notes from a class I recently attended, about Search Engine Optimization.

I’ll share one today which I considered the best take-away for me: Google and other algorithm-based search engines pick the first picture linked on a webpost and add that as clout during their balancing act.

Since that’s the case, their advice is: Link to your website, so you can strengthen your credibility.

See, I’m not as weird as you hoped. Trying to be savvy.

Take a tip from #crazycatladythatsme! And watch for more SEO advice coming next week.

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