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Another Spider!

July 1, 2015

My recent outdoor wolf spider post generated some great conversations. And I appeared as a nice, gentle, creature-loving woman.
I need to fess up. But allow a moment of digression.
People say you see what you’re looking for. Which may be true. However, I’m not looking for spiders, yet they are crossing my path left and right.
Like on the bathroom shower curtain. Dangling from the kitchen pendant light. Dancing on the wood floor entryway.
Confession: I don’t like spiders in my house. Brace yourself, there’s more. ;-)
My cats are nonchalant and tolerate much, so I thought it best to train them to catch any of those hairy eight-legged buggers that cross our indoor threshold.
I am not a fan of live and let live to spiders who invade my domain.
While other creatures are shown the door: flies, ladybugs, crickets, etc., I lump spiders in with earwigs, and classify them as intruders like ants, cockroaches, wasps and any thing I decide at the moment freaks me out.
I never said I was rational.
So, I downloaded a couple apps, and set both my phone and tablet on the floor.

My four cats, yes, four, paired up and commenced attack: they slung my phone across the floor, like a soccer match, bit and scratched the tablet cover, and pounced on those imposing images with gusto! Spiders beware!
We are ready, no more harboring outdoor escapees.
It feels good to confess, *sigh*.
Now to explain the teeth marks on my phone and the cracked tablet edge to hubs…

Life’s Garden

June 28, 2015

I had a bit of time to work in my garden, yanking weeds and transplanting from the nursery beds to permanent homes.
Found poison oak, a giant SC spider and some hidden strawberries.
Also found a nice poem in nature’s midst.


No, not a haiku.
    Just words
        sharing the story.

I hope you are inspired to free some creativity in your world this week.


Gone Reading

May 26, 2015

Lately I’ve been immersed in reading. Contracts, queries, manuscripts and research books, online and in print.
My conclusion?


Off to learn more…

Sunday Funny: Eggstravagant!

March 29, 2015


Judge not?

More Sunday Funnies…

And the winner is…

March 28, 2015

Sunscribe has announced the winner of their first ever TABLE CONTEST:

ConSunscribe RH SCWW 2014 Sponsor Table with websitegrats! The #SunscribeLive WINNER OF THE TABLE DISPLAY at the upcoming SCWW writing conference is @AnnEisenstein!

We look forward to assisting Ann

create an awesome display of her works! 


If you are in the area on April 25, register for the

SCWW Cann eisenstein 2015 table contest winneronference and come by Ann’s table to congratulate her in person

while you enjoy the best Writing Conference in South Carolina!

Register for the SCWW Conference

Read more about Sunscribe

Top Twos-Day: Shout out

March 23, 2015
Sunscribe VINE join us
image from Sunscribe VINE

Not quite the return of Top Twos-Day, but I’m here to offer a few nuggets today:

We’ve just wrapped the Sunscribe Table Contest, and are we ever excited! The winner’s name will appear on our Twitter and Facebook feed this Saturday, so check our media stream for who the lucky recipient is, and offer them some congrats.

In the meantime, swing by Move From Thinking To Doing and meet Annette Clark, catch some writing and editing inspiration including a plug for Sunscribe’s contest, and give her a shout out as a fellow reader, writer and editor!

If you haven’t already discovered us on VINE, join us, we’re having a blast!

Top Twos-Day will return, revamped. Catch previous ones, and stay tuned for new. Thanks for bearing with me, it seems like my middle name is “change,” I do it so often.

You all are so gracious, and accommodating, I feel free to shift things around, like rearranging living room furniture. Glad for the company and the “new feeling” change offers. Hope you like it as we move forward!







Sunday Funny: Twisted TV

March 15, 2015




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