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Sunday Funny: cooking the books

August 30, 2015

Sunday Funny Roxie's Blog

Like cooking and reading? What about playing word games? NPR’s Ask Me Another’s recent podcast offered a sweet break from the norm. (Read previous Sunday Funny mashups.)

Here’s a taste for you, “Laura Hillenbrand’s 2001 nonfiction book about a legendary championship horse reveals why he ran so fast. Waiting for him at the end of the finish line was a delicious Southern breakfast dish featuring round breads drenched in a savory sauce.”

Ask Me Another Game Show

Guess? Yep, Seabiscuits and gravy!

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to tickle your ribs.

Address your address: SEO algorithms

August 28, 2015

inquiring seo algorithms

Whatcha selling?

Something tangible, like a book? Or perhaps a service, such as editing? Maybe you’re a photographer or an illustrator?

How do people find you? Your address is important, particularly if you have a brick and mortar structure. Also true online.

Last time I mentioned Search Engine Optimization, “Google and other algorithm-based search engines pick the first picture linked on a webpost and add that as clout during their balancing act.”  Read The New Hashtag: #CrazyCatLadyThatsMe

This time, let’s focus on how all the stars should line up and point in your direction. For that to happen, one hugely important consideration is your physical address. Somewhere you entered that bit of info, and as with everything in cyberspace, it’s still out there floating free.

Try an experiment: Google yourself, or what name you use for your site. Check using another search engine, perhaps Yahoo or Bing. I know, you may not use those, but others do.

And try opening different browsers, not just your favorites. Chrome, Foxfire and Cloud. Even the run-out-of-town Internet Explorer.

One last thing to think about when you look at your website: is it mobile friendly? The algorithms are different for that, too!

SEO Spider

The powers that be, search engines, sort through data, toss those inconsistencies and add up information to build webs. Interconnected thin webs that are fragile, though much stronger if they are available to mobile users.

Excuse me for dropping links, but I’m weaving a few threads in the web. Both for my company, Sunscribe, and my blog!

In the mood to investigate and learn more?

The Next Web describes Google’s mobile algorithm.

Search Engine Land has an awesome graphic, just like the periodic table!

This just in!

August 24, 2015

In light of recent political sightings, I offer a second Sunday Funny installment.


Sunday Funny: download time

August 23, 2015


Happy end of summer!

Happy Birthday!

August 16, 2015


On this day in history:
6 years ago I began blogging, and WordPress kindly wished me a happy blog birthday!
But this is a celebration that wouldn’t be possible without YOU!
Join me in this virtual party, Cheers!



Top Twos-Day: Samsung Pay, Mind Your Manners

August 14, 2015
remember phones with cords

held captive


The old days, when a phone meant only one thing. And so did a TV.

Both are now smarter than the average guy (or bear) and there’s talk that Samsung’s New Smart Pay is superior than Apple Pay. Images of school yard chants, “My pays better than your pay!” come to mind. Read more in TechCrunch…
Samsung, it’s everywhere you want to be. Does this mean bye bye Visa? Digital Trends preps us for the September roll-out here…


Blogging platforms may be in for a fight, as mediums duke it out. Not relying on sheer clairvoyance, changes are a-coming to the all in your Face-book platform. Social Times alerts WordPress users. Read the full article…

It’s all about that traffic, that traffic, and not at all about the base.


Bonus round kids! Sunscribe opens monthly for certain submissions. Keep watch by signing up for their newsletter or check the website for complete details at Sunscribe submissions.

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Top Twos-Day Returns: Book Market Watch

August 9, 2015

not to be trusted in bookstore button

The momentum continues here, marching valiantly onward concerning things publishing, writing, reading, etc.

And for the lighter side, I bring back, Top Twos-Day (previous posts here):

Have you heard the serious criticism?  The newly released Go Set A Watchman, “is not a sequel or prequel to ‘To Kill A Mockingbird.'”

Brilliant Books in Michigan is offering readers their money back because of their disappointment in the way the book was advertised. The website posted a notice for readers to consider, “It is a first draft that was originally, and rightfully, rejected.”
Read more at the Minnesota Public Radio website here.

Continuing with bookstore news you may want to know about, Barnes and Noble site relaunch issues still plague users, “It has been partially back up since then but is not functioning at 100%,” wrote one reader. “We have been receiving and shipping out orders from Barnes & Noble since July 19th, but have still not been paid for any of them.” Consider this as you decide the fate of your book on these shelves.
Read the details at eCommerce Bytes

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