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Say it ain’t so!

August 3, 2015

Oh boy did I mess up!


And now I’m paying for it!
Thought I could get away with a few bad choices this weekend,  but now, I am sorr-eee!
I ate bread, pizza, and brownies this weekend and my g-free body hates me today.
So, I’ll be nursing my wounded body today, day 2, and hope to be “normal” tomorrow.
Y’all fill me in on what I miss in the world…but not those political things, that’ll set me back another day.

Farm Humor?

August 2, 2015

Happy Sunday Funny ;)


Five years of inspiration!

August 1, 2015


Today marks five years since the start of the Luncheon Literary Society. For us, it has been an inspirational journey filled with laughter,  growth and tears as we met monthly to critique each others’ works.
I am honored to be a founding member and humbled by our current leader’s generous and creative gift.


Everyone at the meeting today walked away with a wood plaque (5th anniversary gift) along with a gorgeous packet of printed writing quotes. We can decoupage one on the plaque to keep or give away, plus still have writing quotes for other projects.
Thank you, current leader Smart Robyn we truly ♡ you!


Book Virgin

July 31, 2015

I know, the title may make a few people uncomfortable,  but there’s no other way to describe this.
The first time really does matter.
When you read a book, that is.


A public apology to my car

July 30, 2015

old car afterA quick trip to my auto mechanic today revealed a startling fact: it’s been a YEAR since my last car’s oil change! I’m a terrible owner, and owe my rescue auto a huge apology.

It’s just, well, I’ve been busy.

I jump in the car, drive 50 miles, stop, drive on, and on, and on. Stop for fuel, then drive some more.

Day after day. Taking my wonderful car for granted.

But there’s more. I haven’t rotated the tires, either. The wheels make a weird sound. Which is why I brought my sweet transportation into the car doc today.

Tisk, tisk, I hear you, now.

Well, I deserve it. Public verbal flogging. And me a rescue-er. For shame!

I’ve got my eyes open for Car-ma. Totally aligning my calendar for the next RX visit, um-hmmm, ‘cause I need new tires.

Moving on, as long as my auto will allow me, to meetings, grandkiblet visits, grocery trips and everything else that fills my weeks, with one eye on the auto mechanic’s sticker for the next oil change.


Recipe for Individuality: Homemade Cake

July 29, 2015
baby shower cake

Baby Shower Cake: Craft a Handmade Treat

Experts say, “Write what you know,” and you will tap into some internal force to propel your writing. Anyone skeptical about that advice?

It does work.

Recently I was asked to pen an article about a diaper cake, (Baby Shower Cake: Craft a Handmade Treat), and I did just that. I wrote about the experience of handmade baby shower centerpieces. I see your eyes rolling. :)

Hence the photo.

After I finished the piece, I thought about a blog post based on those words, “Write what you know,” and decided it is a recommendation that truly holds weight. (Yeah, yeah, I’m probably preaching to the choir.)

Bear with me as I make my point. We each bring a sense of commonality to the writing experience. Yet there is a uniqueness we can draw upon: our individuality. Only you know how you see, think and feel.

When you create characters, you are drawing upon what you know, decorating it with what you may see others do, then dressing it up with your imagination. A pink ribbon here, yellow ribbon there.

You write from your perspective. You can do the same for your character.

Where specifically does the character live; what exactly does she eat?

Sprinkle handfuls of dialogue (or glitter) throughout because it is the best way to communicate your character’s voice and fill in details to keep your readers captivated.

If you view each component as necessary, your finished product will rise above your competitors. And you may take home a nice prize, worth bragging about.

Simply stated by David Huddle, “Write the story of the blizzard from the point of view of the single snowflake.”*

Or in the case of your gorgeous cake centerpiece, write it from the diaper’s perspective.

*Quote from THE GLIMMER TRAIN: Guide to Writing Fiction – Building Blocks (Writer’s Digest Books, 2006).

Happy decorating!

Roxie signature pic insert

An addiction…

July 28, 2015


This is totally me! I can’t go into an independent bookstore without picking up a stack of books!
Friends don’t let friends book shop alone, lol.


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