What’s on my desk today


updated 10/27/09

I am pleased to post an interview with L.E. Rodriguez, author of dark fiction and fantasy who shares some thoughts on his work, his writing and advice for other writers. I met him at a recent writers’ conference where he spoke about his writing process, and then spent time with workshop attendees encouraging individuals in all genres.


I am excited to join Riley at her blog, bythewayforwriters.blogspot.com. The site is relatively new and strives to provide information by writers for writers. Stop by and check it out. We are currently running a poll to see which method of manuscript submission is preferred: email, snail, or other (check it out to see all of the choices).

updated 9/28/09


A while ago, I began a piece on speculative fiction, which I will pick up again today and polish. I hope that it will be ready for the deadline in September. I’m always careful to release something when it is ready for the world, never before. So I may end up with an addition to the “under construction” instead of submitted works file.

Yesterday, I struggled with a Hint Fiction piece, finally retiring it to the “emerging file.” I feel so creative when I move the works around from file to file, adding a bit here and there, and setting them aside to rest.

Off to the spec world


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