Step Up and Evolve…

This past weekend, I finally had time to see the movie Julie and Julia which I thought was fabulous! Nora Ephron wove the two stories together beautifully. The biggest takeaway I had: this plot was a new idea. No fancy-shmancy recycled one here. I recalled the previews for upcoming movie releases, the same old stuff: a movie about a stepfather—gee I wonder where that one goes? Or, what about the “new” end of the world movie soon to be released? Wait, there’s a political thingy-movie coming out, too.

Haven’t we seen these over and over and over again? Movie tickets cost too much for me to throw cash at the nearest theatre, just for the experience of having my seat kicked, listening to someone’s cell phone ring, or the crying baby in one of the front seats. I want to experience entertainment, at a level I cannot find anywhere else. As a writer, I need to step up and heed my own advice!

I heard a rumor, yet to be verified, of a writer who is releasing a book on Twitter, one tweet at a time. Now that’s new! Perhaps I should try something like that, before it becomes passé. You know, jump into the frying pan while the fire is still hot. Although, I’m still having trouble remembering to tweet each day. I am very grateful to have some followers; but when I see others racking up the numbers, I begin to feel inferior…yet another way I need to evolve, naturally.


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