More Natural Evolution (for me)

Yesterday, I worked on an outline for a science workbook. Now I know, science? what do I know about that? This is a collaborative effort with my scientist hubby that we’ve been discussing for a couple of years. I’ll be bringing the creative, age-appropriate writing and puzzles, and he’ll be adding the smarts and experiments to the project. You bet, that’s why I picked him! Seriously, we set out to work on it last December when we had some vacation time but our schedules didn’t mesh. And since a year has almost passed, I decided if not now, when?

Every time I begin a new project, it consumes me. However, this one has me flipping through previous works, starting with puzzles I published almost twenty years ago to lesson plans as recent as last year. Not only am I researching topics and compiling information, I am walking down memory lane, which seems more like a leisurely stroll.

If all goes as planned, I should have a rough draft in December. But I have never been known to stay with one project, I always bounce around topics and genres. A more realistic date should be February, that feels comfortable. Maybe I will surprise myself, and hubby, by finishing it sooner. I’ll keep you posted.


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