Taking Care of Business

I rescheduled my biannual cleaning at the dentist’s office today. (Car trouble in October caused me to miss that one.) I pondered the other things listed to do on my calendar: make a weekly list, cross off things on my old list, and…okay, am I the only list-maker out there?

I have a list of items to pick up at the store, stores to visit, days to run errands, special due dates for completed works, holidays marking events, favorites for folks having special events, in-law dislikes, friends with food allergies, ingredients and recipes my family likes, titles of books I hope to read, authors I would love to meet, speaking engagements and conferences I dream about, vacation spots to die for, inventory of house items, due dates of monthly bills, which brings me back to my biannual and tri annual list: changing the house filter, car filter, water filter, oh, I don’t want to see any more lists, so I won’t even begin to touch the list that requires attention to items every two or three months, such as changing my car oil, checking my house alarm, buying my seventeen-year-old cat’s thyroid medicine, changing my printer cartridge…and buying more 3 x 5 cards to jot down anything I might need to list. Unlined of course, and some pens, two different colors, so I can list in one color and cross off in another color, um, and maybe more highlighters, and next year’s calendar, and some file folders to file my lists, colors to coordinate with the tabs, I’ll need another pack of those too. Where did I put my 3 x 5 shopping list?



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