Writing Opportunities


Jack L. Chalker Young Writer’s Contest

sponsored by Baltimore Science Fiction Society

open to students 14-18 yrs old

deadline for subs annually is 3/31

details @ http://bit.ly/5fYN0O


Interesting Thoughts Competition

sponsored by dotdotdash

Theme: Home

deadline 1/15/10

details @ http://bit.ly/7Qq0J4



Eaton Literary Agency

is offering two opportunities

1) $2,500 (US) prize for unpublished

fiction or nonfiction over 10,000 words

Deadline August 31, 2010


2) $500(US) prize for unpublished

short story or nonfiction less than 10,000 words

Deadline March 31, 2010

Details for both @ http://bit.ly/8EZvs0


Heads up for this year’s

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest

Entries accepted between

Jan. 25 – Feb 7, 2010

Read guidelines @ http://bit.ly/5DWsDr


Writing Opportunities (this list will continue to grow, and is not meant to be all-knowing/all-encompassing…when I find something interesting, I post it)


Emerald Tales (Vol 2, #2)

accepting subs now thru 3/1/10

Theme: It was a bright and sunny day

Details @ http://bit.ly/8PtSoZ


emerson review (April issue)

open for subs thru mid Feb/2010

accepting short fiction, nonfiction,

stage and screenplays, poetry

photography & other forms of visual art

details @ http://bit.ly/7Jyfbi


flashquake (Spring issue)

accepting Flash fiction, flash nonfiction, poetry, artwork

thru 1/31/10

details @ http://bit.ly/7n8qtt


Graywolf Press

seeking “…innovative manuscripts…social and

cultural…contemporary life…”

open for subs thru 1/31

(reading/accepting 3 times/yr)

details @ http://bit.ly/4OVC5D


Hobart (print edition)

Theme: Great Outdoors

accepting subs thru 1/15/10

Now paying!!

details @ http://bit.ly/6YuwR3


Macabre Cadaver (Spring issue)

horror, science fiction and dark fantasy genre

seeks submissions of articles and reviews on books,

movies, websites, games, art, and more!

details @ http://bit.ly/6hsqSq


Nefarious Ballerina

“Poetry & Art of the Intelligently Erotic”

accepting subs until 9/30/10

Must verify age when submitting

details @ http://bit.ly/5EmoAu


Noö Journal

seeks short fiction, poetry, essays,

presentations, photography & artwork

details @ http://bit.ly/6jtBcC


Orion Magazine

open for subs 1/15 thru 1/31/10

seeking “…the collision of nature and culture,

the commingling of people and place…”

details @ http://bit.ly/4LLuRm


Zocalo Press

themes/upcoming deadlines:

Poetry: 1) Myth

2) Portraits of Women

Fiction:1) Mind Games (Cyberpunk & Mundane SF)

            2) Myth

3) Portraits of Women

Deadline for all 1/31/10

Details for all @ http://bit.ly/58j4ly


worth mentioning again:


Random House, Inc.

Creative Writing Competition

for NYC Public High School Seniors

Poetry/spoken word



Personal essay/memoir

Graphic novel

Four 1st place winners = $10K!

Details @ http://bit.ly/7SJquf


InnermoonLit Award for Best First Chapter of a Novel

Brian Agincourt Massey is “weary of fiction contests

that charge entry fees…(these) annual awards for fiction

must be original, unpublished works…”

Deadline March 1, 2010

@ http://bit.ly/2EPmB8


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