Change…on my desk

However, I usually don’t change anything with the New Year, only around my birthday. That way I don’t feel pressure to make a resolution that will fall flat in a matter of weeks. Since I began this a few years back, I’ve found I set myself up for success, sort of a guide-vision-mission-goal setting that actually propels me forward. But I need to make a few changes now, not in March, when I block out my usual slot on the calendar.

So far this year, I am behind in my schedule enough that I am ready to throw up my hands and quit: work, personal stuff, etc. That’s it! I cry to my computer on a daily basis! Funny, the answer I am receiving is one I focused on in a workshop many years ago: Well, you make your schedule, right? So if you don’t like it, change it! True enough. So now I am sharing this written declaration, my new mantra.

Anyone else having similar thoughts about your New Year?

My Declaration

  1. I will put my projects first. I have decided to eliminate the distraction of freelancing and fly solo, so to speak.
  2. I will not work for someone else even though I may add to my debt-load. I really need to give myself a fair shot.
  3. I will work just as hard for myself as I do for others. This means I will spend the appropriate time on my projects and not gathering info for my blog, my friends, etc.
  4. I will not sabotage myself by accepting pro-bono work. Everybody loves a volunteer, but come on people, cut me some slack: NO I cannot do it.
  5. I will succeed! I have a great track record and my reputation is good, except when it comes to keeping my word to myself.

Any project commitments I currently have on my schedule I will keep. But there will be no new additions. I am unavailable. Dats it in a nutshell.



      1. Roxieh,
        I don’t mind at all. I’m honored. I know I should get into the whole tweeting thing, promote my blog, but I find I’m reluctant, stubborn as my mother is about technology changes. It’s weird. I’ll get over it. Thanks again. 🙂

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