From my soapbox

What’s on my desk…nothing new. Period. Folks have asked me about my plans for the upcoming year, inquiring how I might spend my time now that I am no longer a worker bee, producing honey for others. I answer them with stammers and stutters, I’m, uh, working on my manuscript, some poems, and a Y/A piece, uh, you know, my projects at home that I always thought I would get to but uh, haven’t yet. Somehow it seems my value along with my confidence has diminished because I’m not presenting an invoice to anyone.

 While I am no longer a technical-paid-for-commissioned-by-others-writer, I am, still, a writer! Many of you know what I experienced, freelancing with a few choice clients, never getting to your own wip. Well, let me give you permission to put it high up on the important to-do list that you make each week. You may not be able to quit your day job, but you do have time. It may be hidden in another activity or commitment, but it’s there, waiting to be rescued (time that is).

Just do it! There really won’t be a better time then today…right now, go write something for yourself. Better yet, click on the comments button and tell the world what you’re going to write about today. A declaration of your own, before the world, if not now, when?

If you’re still not moved to peck at your keyboard, let me ask you this, What did you tell yourself last year at about this same time?

Ah ha! I thought we might be getting somewhere. Just how do you think you’ll get there if you don’t start?

The next year will pass, and then the next one. So, here’s the last thought, What will you say to yourself this time next year?



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