On the brain

I had an opportunity to do a little shopping last Sunday, popping over to my favorite salesgal at a Lancôme beauty counter. She was as friendly as ever, supplying my habit with an extra treat, a sample of their latest fragrance. See how cute the little thang is? It’s next to a 3 x 3 stickie-note pad. 

Since my husband was with me I couldn’t linger over all their new colors, but we did hit a few other stores including the mall bookstore. I cannot pass one on foot without swinging in for a few peeks at some of the new releases. He headed off to the middle section and I lingered over the magazines, paying particular attention to the organic gardening picks.

As we left the store, our newest purchase too large to fit in my bag, I admitted I had spring fever and didn’t really want to spend time looking at yard suggestions, just get out and dig, smell, feel the dirt, compost, and weeds. Yeah, maybe too much info, so back to books, magazines, and articles about yardstuff.


 my hyacinth poking through before our ice storm…




poor little thing, but surviving…



 after 5″ of snow, still alive…yearning for warmer days!


 What are your favorite gardening sources? Books? Magazines? And where is the most off-the-wall place you’ve purchased one?


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