October Deadlines


updated 2010


Delacorte Press Contest for a First Young Adult Novel

Delacorte Books for Young Readers (Random House)

accepting “book-length manuscript with a contemporary

 setting…for readers ages 12 to 18”

entries must be postmarked after October 1, 2010

but no later than December 31, 2010 

details @ http://www.randomhouse.com/kids/writingcontests/



SoftCopy Publishing

seeks fiction up to 5000 words

theme: The first time…

deadline October 1, 2010

details @ http://www.softcopypublishing.com/submissions.html


Peculiar Pages  

Monstors & Mormons Anthology  

accepting themed fiction, poetry, plays & monologues,  

illustration & photography, and graphic art  

deadline October 1, 2010

details @ http://b10mediaworx.com/peculiarpages/

(scroll down right side margin)


Birdsong Micropress Winter 2010 Poetry + Prose Contest

accepting entries of poetry and prose

Deadline: October 1, 2010

details @ http://birdsongmag.com/contest/


Easy One Day Makeover Contest

accepting stories & room photos

theme: your most creative idea on how to complete…

deadline October 3, 2010

details @ http://www.ivillage.com/sweeps/0,,h8l1m9lw,00.html


MINI Space SIGHT & SOUNDS Competition

accepting submissions of visual art

theme: choose a song that moves you and create visual art

deadline Oct 4, 2010

details @ http://www.minispace.com/en_us/background/


Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me Radio Show Contest

Name That Crime: ‘Son, You Got A Cabbage On Your Head’ Edition

no deadline mentioned

details @ http://www.npr.org/blogs/waitwait/2010/09/22/130041529/name-that-crime-son-you-got-a-cabbage-on-your-head-edition


“Make Education Great” Contest

seeks your plan to make education great

deadline Oct 11, 2010

details @ https://www.makeeducationgreat.com/timeincdigital/makeeducationgreat/index.jsp


Glamour’s “BEST OF YOU” Contest

accepting essay submissions up to 100 words

theme: how the “Best of You” (or someone you know) makes a difference

deadline Oct 11, 2010

details @ http://www.glamalert.com/1008/includes/promos/section1-promo7-form.cfm


Hint Fiction Writing Contest

seeks submissions of stories 25 words or less

deadline October 11, 2010.

details @ http://www.writingclasses.com/ContestPages/hintfiction.php


Pinay sa Seattle

Seeking submissions of “form of dance, film, photography, poetry, narratives, song, visual art and all other mediums of creativity.”

Accepting for theme “Creation Story based on myths and legends of different cultures, family history, dreams, past lives, and anything else you consider part of your identity.”

Deadline October 13, 2010

Details @ http://pinaynews.wordpress.com/2010/09/02/4-year-anniversary-call-for-submissions/



accepting essays of 100 words

theme: why you need a red carpet makeover

deadline Oct 13, 2010

details @ http://www.cosmopolitan.com/sweepstakes/14507

(this link is for no purchase entry)



accepting essays of 100 words or less

theme: why you deserve to be a Garnier Insider…

deadline Oct 13, 2010

details @ http://www.cosmopolitan.com/sweepstakes/14506

(this link is for no purchase entry)


Dressage Today Photo Caption Contest

accepting caption for featured horse photo

deadline Oct 14, 2010

details @ http://www.equisearch.com/dressagetoday/captioncontest/


Cowboys and Indians Magazine’s 6th Annual

“Take Your Best Shot” Contest

Entries must be e-mailed by October 14, 2010

details @ http://www.cowboysindians.com/art-entertainment/art-galleries/2009-05/photo-contest.jsp



accepting stories 500 characters or less

theme: passing on cooking traditions…

deadline Oct 15, 2010

details @ http://www.cocinandocon-nestle.com/Public/Heritage-Sweepstakes.aspx


In A Fashion Minute Contest

accepting one-minute video

theme: interpret best style moment of the season

deadline Oct. 15, 2010

details @ http://fashiononfilm.wmag.com/


American Song Writer Contest

sponsored by American Songwriter, Guild Guitars

seeks list: 10 Top Records You Can’t Live Without

deadline Oct 15, 2010

details @ http://www.americansongwriter.com/2010/09/enter-to-win-a-guild-gad-50e/


TODAY’s Show Choir Showdown

calling all existing show choir groups up to 20 members strong

performers must be thirteen (13) years of age or older

accepting applications, essays, and videos

deadline October 15, 2010

details @ http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/39416992/ns/today-kathie_lee_and_hoda/


CALL FOR RESEARCH PAPERS ON ANITA DESAI: A Study through Different Perspectives

Submissions accepted through October 15, 2010

Details @ http://arvindnawale.blogspot.com/2010/08/call-4papers-on-anita-desais-fiction.html


CALL FOR PAPERS: Comparative Studies of Indian and Chinese Philosophy and Religion

Accepting essay proposals

Deadline mid October

Details @ http://h-net.msu.edu/cgi-bin/logbrowse.pl?trx=vx&list=H-Buddhism&month=1009&week=a&msg=NYkvn%2Bn5n8CxBwvSyr1WzA&user=&pw


2010 – 2011 SEVEN-CIFA Essay Competition

“seeking essays on enterprise solutions to poverty from around the globe that are faith-based, faith-inspired, or interfaith efforts.”

deadline October 15, 2010

details @ http://www.sevenfund.org/faith-and-development/


“Petlizer Prize” for Poetry! Contest

accepting strictly pet-related poetry for Round One

deadline October 15, 2010



 Liz Claiborne 7 Days of Style Contest

accepting essays up to 100 words & photo submissions

theme: why you are in need of a fashion makeover

deadline Oct 20, 2010

details @ http://www.lizclaibornecontest.com/form.php


Jif Moms Voice their Choice Contest

accepting essay 250 words or less

theme: How do you make the best choices for your family?

deadline Oct. 22, 2010

details @ http://promotions.jif.com/momsvoicetheirchoice/


The Tulane Review

poetry, prose, and artwork

for Winter 2010 Issue

deadline October 22, 2010

details @ http://www.tulane.edu/~litsoc/treview.html


Mussels Hungry for Love Contest

submit an essay theme: “Why I am Hungry for Love”

deadline October 28, 2010

details @ http://www.discovermussels.com/contest


The Times/Chicken House Children’s Annual Fiction Competition

“The prize is the offer of a worldwide publishing contract with Chicken House with a royalty advance of £10,000.”

deadline October 29, 2010

details @ http://www.doublecluck.com/submissions


WORD*PLAY Short Script Competition

sponsored by IN THE MOMENT Films (Minnesota)

seeks screenplays and theatre scripts

reading August 4 – October 30, 2010

details @ facebook: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=149149658428387&ref=mf


Dead Robots’ Society’s 3rd Annual Writing Contest

seeks short stories in any genre up to 4,000 words

deadline 11:59:59 pm Oct 31, 2010 (“not one second past…”)

details @ http://deadrobotssociety.com/2009/09/29/3rd-annual-writing-contest/


10th Anniversary Competition for Post-Graduate Students of Creative Writing

sponsored by Chicken House Publishing

seeks “full length manuscript for Fiction 7-10, no more than 40,000 words.

 [or] Full length manuscript for Fiction 10+, no more than 80,000 words”

deadline October 31, 2010

details @ http://www.doublecluck.com/submissions


Cutting Block Press

accepting horror fiction for Tattered Souls 2

deadline is October 31 2010

details @ http://www.cuttingblock.net/submissions.html#tattered


Bards and Sages Contest

(I don’t usually include contests w/ fees, however

this one makes a donation in lieu of entry fee to Doctors without Borders…)

open to horror, science fiction, and fantasy genres

enter as many stories as you want with one donation

deadline is October 31, 2010



52 Perfect Days 3rd Annual Travel Writing Contest

seeks essays about experiences at National Parks, Monuments, etc.

Theme “Inside every National Park are spectacular treasures

that should be explored by everyone.”

deadline 10/31/10

details @ http://www.52perfectdays.com/2010-travel-writing-contest



updated 2009


 Fourth Annual Apex Halloween Short Story Contest

“Urban myths with an alien origin”

HURRY deadline is October 15 2009

Small compensation, details @ http://bit.ly/186nQ7

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