What’s on my desk?

 shades of improvement

On my desk this week: the usual stuff and a few new pencils. While editing is usually a chore, I find it’s more fun when I use colors.

After trying highlighters, pens and sticky notes, I’ve found pencils offer a gentler, less aggressive effect on the eye. I hate seeing red marking on anything, it reminds me too much of an English paper, clearly educating me on my errors!

 I’ve only found erasable lead refills in a few variations of brown, which doesn’t satisfy my desire to brighten up the dreaded chore. But then, this weekend, I was shopping for some new pens and browsed through the pencil section to discover Ticonderoga Erasable Checking Pencils. In purple! I snagged that four-pack as one might the new iPad, (hint, hint) carrying it while I mused about the pens selection. Turns out, I opted out of the pen choices offered, but I left there a happy shopper with my PURPLE pencils!

What do you use to edit your work? Pen, pencil, highlighter, removable sticky flags?



4 thoughts on “What’s on my desk?

  1. Rarely do my daughters leave a functional writing implement ON MY DESK! I’ll do anything, lip pencil, tearing the paper, crayon, my finger and tears…

    I love the idea of wonderful, bright colored Uniball pens however!!!

    • LOL! I understand. Uniball makes a good pen, I like those too. Just picked up a 4-pk of G2: pink, purple, turquoise, and burgundy…now I’m gelling, heehee! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hi Roxie. Great idea about the colored pencils. I have colored pens – pink and purple are my favorite – that I use for editing. I also use a lot of colored sticky notes.

    You have a wonderful blog. I’m bookmarking it for future visits!

    • Thanks Misty, glad that you stopped by… It’s a great time to be a writer! tech stuff, pens, pencils, everything we need, I enjoy colored file folders, too! I’m such a nerd :0

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