something new: exposure

Some of you may have noticed changes on the writing opportunities page…(peek here).

I wanted to create a friendlier, cleaner page, with just a few categories. I chose deadlines as the main topic, not genres. There’s too much of a blur between genres today, many folks get weighted down searching categories to ‘fit’ their writing submissions into topics and sub-topics. 

What I want to do is expose, uh huh, I said that word, expose writers to variety. By grouping writing opportunities into deadlines, I hope I will help people see a contest, lit journal, ezine, or other venue where one would not automatically consider submitting a piece. May I suggest grabbing a cup of your favorite beverage and cruising the writing opportunities that are now posted?

 Everyday a new list will arrive in your email, if you’re linked, that is. If not, the post of the day will be on the main page, and updates will be incorporated in BLUE ink into the writing opps page under whichever heading is practical for the deadline. Who knows, maybe a new genre will jump from the pages and cause a stir in your creative juices. I can hope, and I do wish you all the best…Write, Revise, Submit, Repeat! And try something new, exposure, it’s a good thing. *wink*



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