Writing Finds: Contests & More

A full list may be found at

 the Writing Opportunities Page


A Word With You Press’ “Ain’t That Quaint?” Contest

choose any two truisms (from list on site), plus everyone must have an entry for “A Square Jaw is a sign of Will Power,” for a total of three entries. Fiction or narrative essay–your choice, as a line in a dialogue or as the theme…

deadline July 14, 2010

details @ http://www.awordwithyoupress.com/2010/06/15/gas-up-your-computer-and-fasten-your-seatbelts-new-contet/


Memoir (and) Journal: Prose, Poetry, Essay, Graphics, Lies and More

accepting prose, poetry, graphic memoir, narrative photography, and more

deadline August 16, 2010

details @ http://memoirjournal.squarespace.com/general-submissions/


Pagan Imagination is now: Pandora’s Imagination

seeking horror fiction: short stories and poem

for Harvest Moon Anthology

deadline August 20, 2010

details @ http://www.paganimagination.com/Submissions.html



2 thoughts on “Writing Finds: Contests & More

  1. What makes poetry so wonderful is the fact that it involves all of life, every concern, every desire, and every feeling. If something has some great significance to a person’s existence, then it has a great significance in poetry as well.

    • I agree, very well stated! Thanks for sharing a bit of insight…I like it, “great significance to a person’s existence…” :0

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