Tell me something …


 Suggestion Box 


I appreciate all the input, patience, kind words, and general support from you. 
Without feedback, readers, and followers, I look very foolish, a one-sided conversation of sorts. 
So, thank you, and please feel free to leave any suggestions in the newly created suggestion box. 
I enjoy reading your comments.




2 thoughts on “Tell me something …

  1. Hi Roxie,

    I stumbled across you via TinHouse… so looked you over on Twitter then browsed to your site. Here’s one suggestion… add an “About” link… tell us who you are and what you do (and just ignore the dilapidated state of my own site until I complete the conversion to WordPress in the next week or so).


    • Hi Mike, thanks for the compliments and cut yourself some slack, your site is terrific; I’ll keep your suggestion in mind, thanks!

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