where I’ve been

where I’ve been

pondering…about a lot of things…this week brought an illness, sickness, commode-hugging experience that lingers like last night’s dinner in the air.

Yes, I dropped out of the twittersphere, facebooksphere, blogosphere and general life for a few days to engage in some personal healing. Still don’t know if it was a result of something nasty I ate, some creeping crud that caught up with me, or worse yet, an undiagnosed illness.

Whatever ailed me, I was able to wish myself back to life. And so it goes, another Saturday in reality, the month changed on me and I have yet to catch my blog up, empty email, answer requests, write two adjectives joining interesting sentences, etc.

But I have thought about, pondered those things. And I have made decisions, I just haven’t felt like implementing them until today. I have *lightbulb* an idea!

Before I let the proverbial cat out of the bag, let me catch you up: I’ve neglected my blog. Now some of you have seen my daily entries: writing opportunities added daily, but what else do I have to show for my creativity?

Last month, June, I only added one entry to the On my desk page, and nothing to the Advice page. Now, with the turn of the calendar page to July, I’ve added zero, nada, to my site except for the writing opps page. My bad, as the kids say. On to my lightbulb: I will rearrange things a bit and offer a more regular schedule. That fits my personality better, I am a chronic list maker, order seeker, and general geek.

Writing opportunities will be added on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

That’s not the only change: I will switch it up and offer  quick writer spotlight blurbs on Mondays…changing each week. The catch, only a short Q & A will be featured. More details to come.

On Wednesdays, I shall share web links that I have found useful, advice from other writers, those in the publishing biz, or agents who get things done.

Saturdays I will bring a very short piece about what’s on my desk. I know, you’ve been flinging email at me cause I haven’t shared much about what my works in progress are, my readings, or other tidbits about my life that you so dearly crave…okay, not the case, but I was stroking my ego, so thanks for bearing with me.

All these changes come as my blog approaches it’s year anniversary. Happy Birthday to it! for I have learned a lot this last year, and some of you have seen me morph, or evolve along with the site.

I appreciate all the input, patience, kind words, and general support from you. Without feedback, readers, and followers, I look very foolish, a one-sided conversation of sorts. So, thank you, and please feel free to leave any suggestions in the newly created suggestion box. I enjoy reading your comments.



  1. I love your blog. I used to be organized, like you. I loved my ‘to-do’ lists, now I usually misplace them, so forget that. I live my life on a wing and a prayer, that’s how I ended up in South Carolina four years ago, and all the other places inbetween. I have to admit, I’m constantly overwhelmed by all the contests, articles, etc. that is offered daily from the web world. ~ Now that I’ve finished my novel, all I want to do is complete a decent query letter so I can send my manuscript off. Oh, what a day that will be. But you, Roxie, have made my journey reachable, attainable, and fun! Keep up the wonderful writing. You’re an inspiration to us all.

    1. Sharron,
      Such kind words! Thank you…but you sell yourself short, for you have COMPLETED a novel! And a query letter, pffhh, nothing compared to what you have already accomplished! I have enjoyed the journey as well, and we are not done yet, so, *winking* onward and upward…together!

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