Spotlight: Laurie Ricard

New: Spotlight is moving…every Monday a new writer, illustrator, artist, poet, and more, will be featured!

 This week: Laurie Ricard, an illustrator specializing in e-books, magazines, animal portraits, and more, shares a bit about herself and her projects.

Q) Who has had the most influence over your career, and if you could speak to that person, what would your conversation be like?

LR) For my free hand art work, mostly family, they always supported and encouraged my work. For the covers the biggest influence I would have to say is Neil Jackson at Ghost Writer Publication in the UK. The man is great and our conversation would most likely be about everything I’m doing wrong. lol He’s brutally honest, but fair.

Laurie's cover art for Pandora's Imagination
Laurie's Gothic Art -This one is available!

Q) Describe your workspace, what your routine is like, and give us an idea of how you craft a piece that satisfies your creative juices.

LR) I work in my tiny home office, that is cluttered to most, but I know where things are. As for ideas, that’s where your Blog comes in. I try to give the different contests what they want, like the Harvest moon cover for Pandora’s Imagination.

 Q) What are you currently working on, and where can we find you to see more?

 LR) Right now I’m working on a cover with a Gothic theme for another of your contests. Fingers crossed here lol.  My facebook page (!/profile.php?id=1225417402&ref=ts ) has a web link to the free hand work.

Thanks Laurie! Find Laurie on Facebook, click her link there to see more examples of her pictorial and mystical images.


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