What’s on my desk

What’s on my desk:  books, three specific ones given to me by a friend and writing colleague. She is moving to another state and I will miss her dearly. Her insightful evaluations have helped me grow as a writer, poking and prodding me in directions I never thought possible.

Although we will keep in touch, it won’t be the same, I will miss a smile curling her lips when she hears something amusing, a line crossing her brow as she ponders her next analysis. We’ve joked about staying connected through Skype, but we probably won’t. So, as I stare at the books, I consider how valuable they are to me because of the topics and the giver’s sentiments: tangible reminders of a writer who ‘gets me’ in all my quirkiness.

Do you have a compadra/compadre, who ‘gets’ you and all of your weirdness? Who inspires and helps you aspire to a greater place? Someone who drives you beyond your boundaries and opens up a new view, assisting and insisting you can become more creative if you only push yourself a bit more; stretch this direction, or eliminate obstacles in your path?




  1. Yes and no. I wish I had someone with whom I was as comfortable as you are with your friend. My husband is most of those things, yet his help is often too helpful. I’m sure the recipient of that help is part of the problem. It is a wonderful thing to know we have friends like yours and that you are valued too. Bless you both.

    1. True, I am thankful everyday to belong to such a great group of writers…and it sounds like you are in a good place if your hubs can critique: mine cannot, not that its a bad thing, just differing interests. So, keep up the writing and sharing with him, insights from readers are what’s important!

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