What’s on my desk?

Writing prompts. Specifically, sentences that my writing group is using this month as an engaging exercise. I need to come up with a couple, to circulate around and jog our creative juices. Then, after all members have contributed, we each choose one, perhaps two, and write a page which will be shared at our next meeting.

Should I craft a sentence about something near and dear to my heart? Or should I pick a piece from in the news? Perhaps I could turn a tongue twister into a topic.

Whatever I decide to write, I only need a sentence…so how much thought should I really give, time well-spent on something else? Good question to ponder. However, somewhere in my mind a quote rattles, so I will paraphrase it here, that a sentence is a string of words that requires careful construction no matter what its usage.

This afternoon, I shall choose from a few of my colleagues offerings to see which flows into one double-spaced page. Wherever the thought leads me, I will follow. And in the end, I may have a piece that guides me to my next poem, short story or creative nonfiction piece…who knows? But I shall give careful thought to my contributions for this exercise, given the wip possibilities—


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