Spotlight: Gloria Weber

Gloria Weber, author of Gaslight Demons, joins me today in the spotlight. Gloria’s work has appeared in Written Word Online, Byzarium, GrendelSong, and AlienSkin. Six of her short stories are available online: free!

Q) Tell me about your most recent release, Gaslight Demons. Dish it all, from the idea, plot formation, characters, etc.

 A) Gaslight Demons is a full length novel released in PDF format by Morbidgames Publishing. The novel follows Occult Officer Sophia Nogard as she tries to keep her secrets hidden from her cruel boss and tracks down a magic using serial killer. It is a mix of mystery and fantasy set in a secondary world that has evolved from wizards and magic are mystical to magic is commonplace and wizards are tradesmen.

When I started writing this, it was a simple short story called Blood and Cane. After finishing it, I stumbled upon a market that was looking for a series of short stories for submission. I had a lot of fun writing her, so I thought “Why not?” With that as a goal, I wrote a second short about her home life past and present. When I went to write the third one, I found I could bridge the two finished works and continue on to make this a complete novel.

Q) What are the books on your to-read list, who would you say was an inspiration to you, and who would you like to meet in person (either alive now, or passed on)?

A) My to-read pile has gotten rather low due to my kids being on summer vacation. Those two are quite a handful, so I’m sticking to reading manga (Japanese comics) this summer. But come fall, I’ll be diving into The Accidental Demon Slayer by Angie Fox, borrowing Storm Front by Jim Butcher from my husband’s bookcase, and I’ll be buying Heat Wave and Naked Heat by “Richard Castle.” I’m a huge fan of the show Castle and would like to see what this fictional author has done.

My inspiration I’d have to say is Terry Brooks. His Word and Void trilogy more so than his other works. The plain language, the emotionally invested characters, and the fact that it was a small chunk of a greater scheme at work I think has reflected in a lot of my work.

As for the Author I would like to meet, that would have to be Terry Pratchett. I love his humor, his creativity, and his way with words.

Q) Share with us about your other works, and where can we find them?

A) I’ve had ten short stories published. Of those ten, two are Science Fiction and the remaining eight are some form of Fantasy (from Traditional to Urban). Six of them are available for free online reading.

You can find the links for them here: .

And if Gaslight Demons has piqued your interest, you can find where to buy it here: .

Thanks, Gloria! You can follow her on Twitter: .

Don’t miss her site: .



4 thoughts on “Spotlight: Gloria Weber

  1. Interesting post Roxie and Gloria, thank you! 🙂
    Gaslight Demons drags you straight into the story, where you´ll follow Sophia on her adventures. Mysterious, dark, fascinating. I really need a sequel!
    Looking forward to your next novel Gloria.

    • Whoohoo! No better words could be spoken: “I really need a sequel!” Fabulous, Marion, thanks for stopping by and sharing you review of Gloria’s work, Gaslight Demons.

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