Spotlight: Lourdes Gutierrez


Lourdes Gutierrez is a self-proclaimed writer, geek, and makeup freak. Her blog, Vice Beauty, is just one of her creative outlets; she also makes appearances at SKORCH and UltraSwank magazines. She shares a few tidbits about her inspirations and personal favorites in this week’s Spotlight.

Q) I love your bio: writer, geek, and makeup freak. Why do these three topics fit so naturally with your personality? What’s your favorite read, chill-out activity, and beauty product?

A) I like to say I’m a bit of a paradox. While I love things that are considered incredibly girly (like makeup and Hello Kitty) I am a huge fan of comic books, science fiction, video games and martial arts movies. That’s where the geek and makeup freak parts come in. As far as writing, I’ve been writing since I was a little kid, making up stories and superheroes of my own. I was one of the kids that could be alone for hours lost in a book or using their imagination. I need to be creative to be happy and writing as well as makeup fulfill that need.

In terms of favorite read I’ve been bad lately. I wish I could say I read as much as I used to but I haven’t been able to sit through a book in awhile. Comic book-wise I am very excited about the Daredevil: Shadowland series. I really want to sit down and read World War Z by Max Brooks. It’s about the zombie apocalypse. See? Geek.

The Internet helps me chill out after a day at work, that or going to the movies. Let’s not forget retail therapy either–I love Sephora! It’s hard to pick a favorite beauty product, but right now I am loving Make Up For Ever’s Duo Mat powder foundation.

Q) On your blog ( you share information about products that you’ve tried. What’s the funniest story about a product review, an acquisition of a product, how-to advice from a reader that bombed, etc?

A) I like to highlight products I like. I think negative reviews are difficult since everyone’s skin type and preferences are so different. But my skin is very finicky, so if it works for me I write about it. So far I haven’t had any negative responses, which I’m glad for, but I did turn my friend on to using SPF everyday. She says I’ve made her paranoid about it, which I find funny, but at the same time I’m glad since sun protection is so important (especially in my native South Florida)

Q) You have a couple of great gigs: special features editor for SKORCH Magazine and contributor to Tell us about some of your projects and what’s next for you?

A) SKORCH and UltraSwank have given me great opportunities to build my writing resume and write about whatever I like. Chris (of UltraSwank) and the ladies of SKORCH are such amazing people. They truly love what they’re doing, understand when life gets in the way and really encourage their writers to be creative and write about what they love. I was very lucky to find them both.

I have so many ideas in mind that I don’t know where to start. I think I’m a “Middle” writer. It’s hard for me to start and finish, but once I get going I can write for hours. I get into that zone easily if I am passionate enough about the idea, but when it’s time to wrap it up the jitters come back. I feel rusty, to be honest. Blog writing is so different from writing fiction. At least with Vice Beauty I am much more relaxed and surely make some grammar mistakes that would not be okay in a novel or screenplay. It’s more like I’m having a conversation with the reader. I have to dust off my fiction hat and put it back on–it’s too easy to forget the do’s and don’ts, you know?

I have a screenplay idea that’s been brewing in my head for over a year now. It’s based off of a story I read in a foreign newspaper and for once has nothing to do with ninjas or aliens…it’s a story that’s current and affecting many people. I just have to sit down and finish the darn thing. 

Blog-wise Vice Beauty is my number one focus. My first blogging attempt was all over the place and it’s hard to take something like that seriously. Hopefully, if I do manage to have a successful writing career, I will get back to updating that. For now I just need to get one thing going strong and then go from there.

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