Spotlight: Misty Evans

Writer Misty Evans joins me in this week’s spotlight. Misty began writing after leaving the corporate world following the birth of twin boys. Her first Super Agent Series Book 1, Operation Sheba, has won multiple awards, and Super Agent Series Book 2, I’d Rather Be in Paris, also an award winner. She shares her inspirations, other works she’s written, and a bit about her next release.

Q) Misty, what’s the buzz over in your corner of the world?

A) Buzz, buzz, buzz. There’s lots of buzz! First, the third installment of my Super Agent Series, PROOF OF LIFE, releases in print this month. The story features CIA Deputy Director Michael Stone, who was introduced in the first book in the series, OPERATION SHEBA. In this story, Stone must become the one thing he despises – a terrorist – in order to save the woman he loves. The book is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and most independent book stores, and comes in digital format for the Kindle, Nook, etc, as well.

Along with that – hot off the press! – I’m thrilled to announce I just sold my dark, sexy, paranormal FBI story, SOUL SURVIVOR, to Carina Press. It’s scheduled for release on Valentine’s Day, 2011. This story features an immortal High Priestess who must convince the FBI profiler accusing her of murder that he’s her reincarnated soul mate. I love, love, love these two characters, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect release date for this happily-ever-after story!

I’m also offering my online craft workshop, Series Business – Is Writing a Series Right For You?, to several RWA groups starting in November of this year. Details will be posted on my website as soon as I have links!

Last but not least, I recently signed with Robert Gottlieb, literary agent and chairman of Trident Media Group . We’re working on selling a three-book continuation of my Super Agent Series to a major publisher.

As far as my works-in-progress, there’s a lot going on there too. I’m writing the fourth Super Agent book, the Christmas sequel to my paranormal comedy, WITCHES ANONYMOUS, and I’ve just started a new urban fantasy spy series called The Bone Hunters.

Q) How do you begin writing: does the story come first, or a character, and how does your creative muse flow?

A) My muse requires Louboutins and the latest colors of OPI in order to flow.

Usually a character comes to me with a problem. A big problem. Their current situation sort of blooms in my head and I see the opening scene. The setting, plot and other characters begin filtering in as I explore their world and try to figure out how to get them out of their jam. I do a little plotting and a lot of pantsing as I write. I like my characters to do the unconventional, to think outside the box, and I have to do the same. For example, in the Super Agent book I’m currently writing, LAUNCH, the synopsis is done with the GMC and every plot point in place. However, while writing last week, terrorists came out of nowhere and set off an explosive in Moscow’s subway. This threw a roadblock at my main characters. While that doesn’t change where my main characters are going in the story, it does change how they’ll get there, both literally and figuratively.

Q) Do you have a writing ritual, like tapping your keyboard three times, twirling a pen, etc? While we’re on the subject, do you have a favorite writing spot, and what’s the oddest place inspiration caught you?

A) I tap dance around my computer in a clockwise direction and chant my favorite Dean line from Supernatural. “I’m Batman.” Then I make an offering to the gods of creativity, pull on my big girl panties, and sit my butt in the chair.

When I was a newbie writer, I had to wear my favorite sweatshirt, have a big mug of International Foods cappuccino and bag of Hostess chocolate chip muffins (or some form of chocolate) before I could write. After awhile, I realized the ritual was actually getting in the way of the keyboard. It was just a way for me to overcome my fear of the blank page. The more I wrote, the less I needed props to help me, and with twin boys keeping me busy, I didn’t always have time to get the props in place before nap time was over and I’d lost my chance to write. I soon dumped the rituals for the most part, but these days, when fear keeps me from writing, I put on some background music, light my copper warming pot with lavender oil, and tell myself I have nothing to fear from a blank page. And it’s true. The blank page is my friend. I have multiple stories already published, a couple in the works and more yet percolating in my head. While the smell of lavender and the sounds of the playlist to my current wip reassure me, I boot my ego out of the way and put my fingers on the keyboard. Failures will happen, but I refuse to fail because I didn’t write.

My favorite spot to write is in bed. Is being a writer the best job ever or what? I also like to write when I travel. There’s something about new scenery, new atmosphere, new people (and the beach) that gets my creativity flowing. As long as I buy pretty trinkets for the muse, she’s happy too.

Oddest place inspiration caught me? Hmm. I’d have to divulge top secret information from the Bat Cave to answer that.

I’ve been inspired by everything from a bartender in a jazz club in Chicago to my kids talking about Bionicles  in the backseat of the car. Music always inspires me and I have an eclectic mix of songs on my iPod. Some of my ideas come from experts in the field – FBI and Homeland Security agents have given me ideas for plot lines and dialogue. My local librarians have also found movies and books for me to watch on various subjects in my stories. Sometimes I even get ideas on Twitter or from readers in my Yahoo Group. There are plenty of great ideas and lots of inspiration in the world. No need to reinvent the wheel. You just have to tap into it.

Thank you, Roxie, for having me as a guest! I enjoyed answering the questions and would love to hear from your readers any time! My email addy is .

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35 thoughts on “Spotlight: Misty Evans

    • Well, since we’re a group of writers, perhaps we could put a blurb out there about a particular day set aside for us to virtual shop or go to the spa (or whatever one chooses to chase) ~ then we could all set a goal to come back to our writing space and update everyone in the form of a short story or other creative piece. Or something else…I like to throw things out and see what sticks, ideas? folks?

  1. Lol Roxie! I would love to coordinate:) But first, must coax my muse out of her “I just had a baby, why am I back at work” snit. Perhaps will try chocolate and throwing in a pair of Jimmy Choos. Roxie, what coast are you on?


    • Ah yes, chocolates! And a nice shopping trip, me too! I am in the south~ on the east coast. As we say round here, ya jes thro’ me yor leftovers hun! (shoes that is, heehee!)

    • Btw, did you say, “just had a baby?” congrats! and sending you virtual chocolates, sleep, and more sleep…shoes later, no need to spoil a great outing when you feel up to it, LOL 🙂

  2. Hmmm… those Hostess choco-chip muffins sound pretty darn tasty! *grin*

    I’m so excited about Soul Survivor AND the Christmas sequel to WA!!! YAY!

    Congrats on the print release of Proof (as you know, I’ve had a soft spot for Michael Stone since I devoured Operation Sheba!!).

    Your books are the best. They keep me turning those pages and yearning for more even after I reach the end. Keep writing so I can keep reading!!

    One of your Biggest fans


    • Thank you, Chiron! I’m so glad you enjoyed Operation Sheba and I hope you enjoy Michael’s story as well. He needed an HEA after everything I put him through in Operation Sheba! Poor guy. He rebounds quite well, though, and makes a great hero in Proof of Life. I could keep writing stories with him in them indefinitely.

      I appreciate your ongoing reading support and that you stopped by to say hi and brag on me. It’s always great to hear from such a wonderful fan!

  3. Awesome interview, Misty! I think it’s funny you get ideas from you boys about Bioncles because the same thing happens to me with my son. He’ll come up with something and I’ll think, “I have to use that in a book!” 🙂

    I can’t wait for your new Carina book to come out. 🙂

    • Hi Michelle. I love kids. My twins are SO not alike and they’re pools of inspiration and ideas. Don’t tell them I said that though or they’ll clam up! 🙂 They start back to school tomorrow already and I’ll miss them. How about your son? When does he go B2S?

    • Makes me think, if they came up with toy story~what else can we do with our kids stuff that hasn’t been done yet? Hmmm…Thanks Michelle, for spending time with us!

    • You and me, both, Taryn! V-Day is easy to remember so I won’t forget that release date. And as I mentioned, I love these two characters so much. Valentine’s Day is a fitting day to introduce them and their story to the world. Thank you for stopping by! I appreciate your support. (((Hugs)))

    • I know it’s on my calendar, & I think my hubs wonders why I cannot remember that day, *wink* little does he know why I have it marked! Hee Hee!

  4. Hi, Misty, I love your rituals. They, like you, have evolved as a writer. And I’m so excited that Soul Survivor will be out on VALENTINE’S DAY no less. A Misty Evans read is better than chocolate. Great questions Roxie!

    • Hi Donnell. I’m blushing! My books go good with chocolate, I’ll give you that. Especially Witches Anonymous. If you’re not craving Dove chocolate by the time you’ve read Chapter Two, you’re not a chocoholic like I am!

    • Thanks Donnell! What a great compliment, for Misty, too! Sounds like it should be on the back of her next release: “A Misty Evans read is better than chocolate” –reviewed by Donnell! 🙂

  5. Nana – So glad you like Proof of Life! Thank you for being a loyal fan. If I write that book about my muse, I’ll have to invite yours along for the party. Hehehe.

    Autumn – I can use your muse for sure. Send him over. I love dark paranormal agents. My muse does too.

    Laurie – You know I owe much of my success to your classes! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

    Angie – Hey, hey! Another twin mom! Congratulations! I taught my kids from an early age to be independent, but when they’re so young, you just have to catch moments to write when you can. I got early some days, wrote during naps, and kept a notepad handy for jotting down ideas so when I had fifteen minutes of peace, I also had a game plan for WHAT to write. Having twins actually helped me learn to write faster and cleaner. When you know you won’t have much time to get those words down, you’re even more eager and determined to get them down. Good luck and email me any time if you need another twin (writer) mom to bounce ideas off of!

    Hailey – So nice to ‘see’ you here! Thank you for the good wishes, and I agree 100%…you have to write to be a success. Keep turning out books, short stories, articles, whatever. I made the decision years ago that I want to be a career author. Can’t do that if you don’t produce!

  6. I think I liked this line best: “Failures will happen, but I refuse to fail because I didn’t write.”

    Writing is a hard business, but nothing can be done to improve an author’s craft, increase her fanbase, or pay her website bills, unless she picks up a pen.

    It was great to hear such a positive spin on your writerly doings.

    Wishing you much success!

    • Hailey, thanks for staying around to leave a comment…you are sooo right, unless we pick up a pen, we cannot accomplish anything!

  7. Hi, Misty! I can’t wait to read Proof Of Life because it sounds like a very exciting book.

    As a recent mother of twins, I have to ask how you keep them entertained while finding time to write?


  8. Misty, I love your line about how “The blank page is my friend” — that’s such a great attitude! And it helps explain why you’re doing SO well with your books (aside from the fact that of course you’re writing really gripping stories).

    It’s a treat seeing Michael and Brigid embark on their own adventure…congratulations on the new release!

    • Isn’t that an amazing line, just a delicious taste of Misty’s style and her attitude! Thanks for sharing some of your time with us!

  9. Awesome interview. I learned more about you, Misty. Love that your muse has a name. I have a demon, Mulher, which I beat over the head often. He gets in my way sometimes for days. Do you think I could sell him to someone who needs a dark paranormal agent?

    I will have to chant and learn my muse’s name though. I know she likes the scent of lemons.


    • Thank you! Misty is a multi-faceted writer ~ I was able to capture and illuminate one dimension. LOL Autumn…likes the scent of lemons, hmmm, lemonade comes to mind, heh heh!

  10. Very exciting interview. Still laughing at “My muse requires Louboutins and the latest colors of OPI in order to flow.” Ain’t that the truth!

    • Hi Nevea.

      Like most muses, mine has her quirks – give ’em an inch and they take a mile. After this interview, she’s now insisting I write a story all about HER.

      Glad you could stop by! Happy reading,

      • I think your muse and my muse often go shopping together. Lol. I’m so proud of you. I nestled down with my nice pretty paperback of Proof over the weekend. Whoo, what a ride! I’m always waiting for your next one as you know. Can’t wait to see what the next WA is all about!


        • OOOh! Ladies muse day, sounds like one we should absolutely do! Whether we are in fuzzy slippers or ready for a dinner party, we can all jump online and ‘muse’ at our celebrated time…I appoint you, Nana, as queen coordinator, LOL!

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