Fishing, Mysteries, Laundry, Romance and More

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 the Opportunities Page


The 2nd Annual Complete Your Draft Challenge!

“Contest is open to any writer at any stage (first-timer, agented-but-not-yet-published, or published authors; also hobbyists, etc.) to encourage the completion of a draft or writing project.”

submission period Sept. 1 – 30, 2010

details @



sponsored by World Fishing Network

submit story 250 words or less or video up to 2 minutes

deadline September 10, 2010

details @


Mussels Hungry for Love Contest

submit an essay theme: “Why I am Hungry for Love”

deadline October 28, 2010

details @


2011 Minotaur Books/ Mystery Writers of America First Crime Novel Competition

submissions “…open to any writer, regardless of nationality, who has never been the author of a published novel…”

deadline November 30, 2010

details @


Literary Laundry

accepting poetry, short stories, and one-act dramas

deadline December 1, 2010

details @

(general guidelines center; see right side-margin for contest details)


Literary Laundry

seeking Editorial Team Members


(see right side-margin under heading: Join Our…Team)

application @


Romance Stories Magazine

debuting September 2010

seeks short stories, novellas, novel excerpts, reviews

details @


Things I Love About Calgary Photo Contest

submit photo of image(s) of Calgary “…that represent or evoke its spirit and unique character”

no deadline mentioned

details @



8 thoughts on “Fishing, Mysteries, Laundry, Romance and More

  1. Pingback: Tweets that mention Fishing, Mysteries, Laundry, Romance and More « Roxie's Blog --

      • I just read my email and your post: Who YOU BE…omg my answer sounds freakin funny now! Sorry, no I don’t know of any deer photos…hope you’re smilin 🙂

      • Yeah, LIKE ROXIE deer. Exactly! LOL. I’m just playing with this idea for connecting people through one very simple possible piece of common ground–deer they’ve photographed–or tried to. Never know what’s in someone’s collection. LOL. Yes, I laughed at your comments.
        You know, there’s something about the phrase, “roxie deer”—oh yeah. Song lyric? title? Just something potentially wonderful here, roxie.

        • That’s a great idea: call for photographers ~ submit pics of deer, backyard, wild-roaming, beauties to combine in a collection of commonality. Hmmm, I’m thinking a title something like, Deer, did you see? a play on the words dear…If you want to do a call on your site, I’ll post it in my opps section.

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