Corpses, Medical Issues, and Criminology


Are you a writer with forensic questions? Do you wonder how blood spatters? How poisons and drugs make or break your character’s crime? What if you have questions about weaving in a time of death? These forensic categories and more are all found at today’s advice link The Writer’s Forensic Blog

Wait, there’s more! D. P. Lyle, MD has created another site that you may find useful, too. The Writer’s Medical and Forensic Lab  which goes hand in hand with his blog. Additionally, (sounds like I should say here: for just a mere $blank.99 you too can have all this plus shipping and handling, LOL) Lyle has a forensic community and does story consulting! Not only is he a cardiologist, he’s also an award-winning author.

Read Articles for Writers from D. P. Lyle’s site



  1. LOL—Roxie, Roxie, Roxie! ( to the tune of Cary Grant saying, “Judy, Judy, Judy!”). Oh I don’t have blood spatter but I do have eyewitness observations of injuries and wounds on dead man who never seemed to FREEZE in 20 plus below weather conditions. Hmm. I wonder if the good doctor has anything interesting to observe.
    Thank you!

      1. Oops! That was my fault…I’m a cut and paste gal, and I forgot to remove a parenthesis. All fixed now, so thanks for hanging in there!

    1. I like the way you think…well the part about Cary Grant, anyway! I don’t know much about forensics, learning what I can so when I found Dr. Lyle’s info I wanted to pass it along.

      1. Learning what we can, indeed. Yes, I learned that one never conducts autopsies on frozen bodies–and that was kwon in 1929–so the mystery deepened. “Learned” that from a librarian working in a medical library. She had great fun searching the ‘archives’ for an old medical training textbook to verify that it was a NO NO even back then. A learning we shall go, Roxie. Yes, indeedy. Writing takes us along very strange paths sometimes.
        Hey, thanks, YOU are inspiring and motivating me today in ways I really NEED!

        1. Best thing I heard today! inspiring and motivating…that’s what I shoot for, nice to hit the mark! Paying it forward has never been more enjoyable, thank you for encouraging me!

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