Anthology Thursday: Horror, Ghost Stories, Christmas, Twins and More

A full list may be found at

 the Opportunities Page


Elements of Horror Press

seeks poetry, flash, and short story fiction

for Anthology: “Father Christmas – Tales of Wonder”

no deadline mentioned (release set for November/December 2010)

details @



seeking erotic short fiction and artwork for anthology

theme: Cthulhu Mythos (site explains)

deadline September 15, 2010

details @


Whitlock Publishing

seeks ghost stories for anthology

theme: Our Haunted World: Ghost Stories from Around the Globe

deadline: September 15, 2010

details @


Whortleberry Press

seeking science fiction, fantasy, and horror short stories for Christmas anthology


deadline Sept 15, 2010

details @


Naked Snake Press Books (NSP—newly reformatted) 

seeks dark poetry, flash fiction and fiction for Poe Little Thing Anthology


deadline September 20, 2010—or when filled

also seeks cover art for above theme

detail s @

(click menu, then use left bar—Poe Little Thing)


Twins Triplets & More Anthology

seeks stories of inspiration and poems

deadline January 10, 2011

details @

(see top tab What We’re Looking For )


4 thoughts on “Anthology Thursday: Horror, Ghost Stories, Christmas, Twins and More

  1. Oh I wish the Cthulurotica deadline wasn’t so close! I just don’t have time to write something by then (considering what else I have to write), but what a hoot that would be!

    She looked at his half-man half-oyster body and felt a chill run down her spine, followed shortly by a tenticle….

    It’s crap I know… but I had two minutes.

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