New Writing Opportunity: The Modern Dickens Project


The Modern Dickens Project

Guest Iowa author John Domini will begin a chapter

accepting submissions from Iowa residents or writers with connection/interest in Iowa

 opening at midnight on September 1, 2010

details below and at


Announcing: The Modern Dickens Project is a serial novel designed to feature untold Iowa stories by undiscovered Iowa authors. The novel itself is being written by a series of one-chapter contests held for 12 consecutive months.

At midnight of Sept. 1, 2010, an opening chapter, written by guest Iowa author John Domini, will be posted on The Modern Dickens Project website. Any writer who is an Iowa resident or writer who has a strong connection to or interest in Iowa, is then challenged to continue the current story. Participants have until midnight of Oct. 21 to write and submit a chapter draft that builds on the previous chapter. (The Editorial Board is allowing extra time for the first contest.)

A winner will be selected and notified on Nov. 1st, and will receive a $100 honorarium and an author spotlight on the MDP website. A lightly edited version of their winning chapter will be posted to the website on midnight of the same day and the contest will open again for Chapter 3, (with the standard 21 days to write and submit for the remainder of the contest) and so on and so forth, chapter by chapter, month by month, for twelve months, resulting in a collective thirteen chapter novel.

Any winning author who is interested and/or able is invited, but not required, to read portions of their winning chapter at various Des Moines bookstores and coffee shops, scheduled and hosted by the MDP team.

Submissions should be in Times New Roman, 12pt. font, double-spaced, no more than 10,000 words and keep with the characters, location, tone and style of previous chapters.

There is no entry fee.

After the yearlong project concludes, the Modern Dickens editors will work with the winner of each chapter to polish the pieces, with a release date for the completed novel December 2011. The team is currently working with several interested local publishers and also plans to release it first as an e-book.

Read John Domini’s Opening Chapter

contact for questions:

Chris Draper, Executive Director 

Rachel Vogel, Managing Editor

Kali VanBaale, Editorial Advisor


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