Spotlight: Mark Edward Hall


Update: In January of 2012, Hall released Apocalypse Island, a thriller with a supernatural twist.


More about Apocalypse Island:


Danny Wolf is a gifted musician with alcohol problems but keeps witnessing murders in his dreams. The nightmares pair with real killings, women Wolf knows. They intensify and Wolf begins to doubt his own sanity. Perhaps he is a homicidal madman.

Tempting enough to send you over to Mark’s site to read more? Perhaps you want to pick up a copy?



Mark Edward Hall is in the spotlight this week. Hall has penned four Horror novels and more than fifty short stories, is a member of the New England Horror Writers, and plays in the band Comfortably Numb, a flavor of classic rock via Pink Floydiasm.

Q) What’s on your desk right now: work-in-progress? media package? And what have you worked off of that same area into the hands of readers?

A) First: my new supernatural thriller ‘The Lost Village’ is coming out on September 1st from Damnation Books.

In the works is a new supernatural thriller entitled ‘Soul Thief’ that I’m publishing on my website as a free serial novel, one chapter at a time. We are now up to chapter eighteen. Those who follow along and comment will receive a free signed copy when it’s published.

Plus I’m Just finishing up a new psychological thriller entitled ‘Cross my heart and Hope to Die.’

And a post apocalyptic novel entitled ‘On the Night Wind.’

An epic science fiction thriller entitled ‘Angel Island.’

Plus, my novelette ‘The Fear’ is being read as an audio book. There will be a worldwide podcast premier sometime in October. For those who are interested in tuning in I’ll give details on my website and my Facebook page when I know more.

Q) How would you describe your writing journey, and why this path? From where did all the darkness develop? 

A) My writing Journey is a convoluted one. I started by writing poetry and songs. I’m a musician and played professionally for most of my life, performing my original songs to a wide audience.

My love for fiction and especially my love of anything to do with the macabre always burned in me, however. After settling in Richmond, Maine with my wife Sheila I began to seriously consider my life and where I wanted to go with the rest of it. I’ve done lots of things and I will always continue to do lots of things. It’s in my nature. But the one thing that burned in me, that had always burned in me, was the desire to tell stories. So, I started from scratch in my middle age and began writing novels. I soon discovered that it was my true calling. I’d just succumbed to it a little later than most, that’s all. I have published four novels plus about 50 short stories and several novellas. Wasps, my first published story, appeared in Raven’s Tale Magazine in 1995. I have included it in my latest collection, Servants of Darkness.

The darkness came from my grandmother Luella. My love for fiction and especially my love of anything to do with the macabre came from her. She lived with us during my formative years. She was a psychic, a medium and a great story teller. I sat mesmerized for hours on end while she told tales–most of which she professed were true–of the supernatural. She influenced me greatly. She’s why I began telling my own stories. 

Q) Fast-forward your time machine to a year—what’s happening in your writing life and would we be surprised?

A) I’m never surprised at anything, but it would be cool in a year from now if ‘The Lost Village’ became a New York Times bestseller. Perhaps a little over the top with the dream but what the heck that’s what writers do, isn’t it? Dream?

I know you’re busy, so thanks, Mark, for your time! Good luck with today’s release of ‘The Lost Village’ and all of your upcoming projects!

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