Spotlight: Dee Tenorio

Dee Tenorio, author of Romance joins the spotlight this week. To say Tenorio is a prolific writer underrates her abilities. Four, yes four, books are releasing in 2010: All of You (April) Tempting the Enemy (June) All or Nothing (July) and ….drum roll…Shaken (coming October 19)! Taking a few minutes from her hectic schedule, Dee answers three questions about her work, creativity, and favorite part of penning sizzling romances.

Q) What secret can you share with us about your next project? Where do you usually find characters, settings, etc?

A) Hmmm, a secret. Well the biggest secret I have going is that I’m not only working on the second book in the Ressurection series (“Tempting the Enemy” from Carina Press is the–hopefully!–first book) but also looking into the third story, which features a Sibile heroine…and a Sibile slave! (And let me tell you, he’s HAWT.) Also, am hoping to get back to the Rancho Del Cielo series for Samhain. Cross your fingers!


Q) What has been the favorite part of this ride as an author so far, and how did you arrive here at this moment in time as a sizzling romance writer?

A) Hmmm, my favorite part? Is it vain to say I’ve loved the fan letters that have come in? Not because anyone is saying they love me, but because the story touched them so much they wrote to me about it. It makes me feel like I’ve done my job right and is a real inspiration to keep going. 🙂

LOL at being a sizzling romance writer. Well, I’ve always had…er, shall we call them “Sensual Inclinations” with my writing. I like a good sexy story. I love the tension of them. What actually happened was that I was working on “Test Me”, writing a scene for the hero, Travis, who is earthy, unapologetically male and unreservedly sexual. And he was being so…nice. It just wasn’t working. I had to let him go and just let him be who he was. I’ve tried to keep that mode of thinking for each character since, which really paid off when I was writing Raul, in “Burn For Me”, who was so primal for a guy who isn’t a shifter. (That goes double for “Tempting The Enemy”‘s Pale, who was primal even FOR a shifter!)

 Q) Share a bit about your routine or lack thereof as a writer—do you climb to the rooftop at midnight to find a quiet spot? Or do you have a traditional desk and chair from where your creativity springs?

A) Well, I have small kids, so I steal writing time where I can get it. In the car, on the couch, in bed at night, in the bathroom with the fan on so they think I’m doing something else. I write on scraps of paper and more recently, on my iPod touch. I build soundtracks for each book and character and when I need to write, I play the music to help get me in the right frame of mind.  Makes the writing not only smoother, but more cohesive. Pretty much, I steal every second I can to write. But when a book is finished, oh…it’s so worth it. 🙂 As for creativity, there’s a story everywhere, just waiting to be dug out. Luckily, I can store them in my couch, because it eats ev. ry. thing. 🙂

The Adventures of Lady Savannah

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  1. Hi Dee!

    I just love your books – I’m a Samhain addict (my Kindle groans) and whenever your name pops up in the new releases, my trigger finger hits it. You’re one only a dozen or so authors I have on my “must buy” list that I can count on to consistently deliver a good story – no turkeys. 🙂

    Congrats on all the new releases!

    1. Barbara, I love that visual, ready, set, purchase! Definitely agree: consistently delivers on the stories! Thanks for stopping by Dee’s Spotlight 🙂

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