Today’s advice link from Quincy Jones

Downloads, dealmakers, and distractions what’s an artist to do? Don’t forget why you chose this artistic outlet, some advice from Quincy Jones…not just for songwriters:

“I don’t think there is going to be a single answer to the…problems—but an array of options that will be tailored to the specific artist. For the new artists who are out there reading the headlines about 360 deals and free downloads, don’t let the art of these deals distract you from your own artistry. Master your craft first.”

Master your craft, then Jones suggests, “The real financial rewards came after we achieved artistic excellence. I think the same holds true for all the aforementioned artists. They create art because it’s in their blood. They have to do it.”

Do it because you have to, master your craft, then the reap the rewards…sounds like pretty cut and dry advice. A formula from one very successful man, a mentor for others, and a legend for all.

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