Really, O’Reilly does that?

While it is widely known that O’Reilly Media’s focus is on the power of information, tutorials, reference guides, and development guides in the form of books, magazines, videos, and conferences, less known is about their in-depth assistance they offer for writers. In the spirit of their tutorial guides, they present a feast for writers stretching from a proposal fit for a publishing king (O’Reilly) to mass marketing with a multitude of topics in-between.

A Guide for New Authors

“We work with both experienced authors and first-timers who have an important story to tell. We look forward to hearing your story…Unlike some publishers, we welcome proposals from authors without agents. In fact, we get many of our best proposals directly from authors. If you are an agent, you’d be wise to limit your submissions to those likely to fit the above characteristics and encourage your authors to tailor proposals accordingly.”

Seven detailed chapters make up this remarkable handbook. If you are searching for a virtual answer guide to the test we all study for as writers: the dreaded proposal, you will find it here.

So You Want to Write a Book, which we created as a pamphlet for would-be authors but now publish as a web document, provides useful background not only on what we expect in a proposal but also the terms of our contract, and our overall publishing process.”

Proposing A Book


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