Spotlight: Monet

In the spotlight this week, Monet: singer, songwriter, musician, actress, director, and producer whose passion for music, film, art, books, and photography fuels her creative verve. Monet’s latest, LIFESIZE MIRROR (2011), continues to charm us with her vibrant, unrestrained soul. Fans lured in by her debut ESSENCE will not be disappointed.

Q) Share with us about your latest project How did this one develop creatively, and were you working on other things simultaneously?

A) My creative projects develop differently. LIFE SIZE MIRROR… is exactly what it is… i looked at MONET… ‘all’ of the sides of ME…and…because of Gods kindness, was able to bring pieces of myself to life musically.  I was able to work with creative people who complimented me, and who understood my vibrations. Victor ‘Ticklah’ Axelrod joined forces with me to create…EVER WANT…which brings to life my ‘island’ lineage as did Wilburn ‘Squidly’ Cole with I’LL B STRONG…both in  very ‘Monet’ fashion….next I was able to embrace my dance music self with Ethan White (WALK WITH ME) and DJ Spinna (NAVAJO MOOD)… vibey me with Jesse Fischer (HOLD ME SWEETLY)…folky me with Wm “Prez’ Bush (Y R SO MANY)…. Angela Johnson my RnB soulful side (LIFE SIZE MIRROR..THATS JUST THE WAY). the international me come to life with Siji on FRE(E)…Steve Wallace gave my project a little of everything… we took each other out of our comfort zones and it was fun and enjoyable. Actually I feel blessed as each producer brought their own uniqueness to my project (VAIN, ITS UR LIFE, AWAKENING) – and other sides…with other great talents… 

VAIN ~ Monet

Q) Songwriter, poet, musician, actor, director—all mere words on a page. Where did you begin your career, how do these titles apply to your creative muse, and who has influenced you the most on this journey? 

A) I am truly a Renaissance woman.. i didnt understand that at first… now i do. ALL of the creative things i do are interconnected. I write songs that reflect ‘moments’… ‘feelings’… i want to bring to ‘musical life’ peoples emotions… exchanges. Musically, I have been influenced, classically, by Jean Pierre Rampal, and via jazz by Hubert Laws… I have listened to soo many artists over the years and as a child. Vocally i have been influenced by Bill Withers, Marvin Gaye, Joni Mitchell, Sade, Lauryn Hill to name a few. Writers, musically, Patti Austin, Leon Ware, Bob Marley among others. I love La India as well, Nil Lara. Like my music , my film projects also depict life, moments, emotions. I am in the process of editing my first documentary. It is currently titled ‘WILL 2 SURVIVE”, I partnered with Billy Shell of ShellShock Productions on this documentary. We will have to do a follow up interview as we get closer to completion (smile).  I also wrote, produced, directed and acted in several short film projects as well. Two are finished (RAGE & THE CURSE) the other will be edited soon m(CHERISE). Billy and I are also in the process of developing a script for a feature film. Kevin Harewood leant his talents to me to feature me in a music video VAIN I have several other music videos in development.

wanna kiss you ~ Monet

Q) I think my favorite piece so far is U Told Me. Where might someone catch one of your performances? And if folks cannot travel, can we find your music online?

A) I LOVE ‘U TOLD ME’ too.. lol….I will be in the DC area soon (late Oct). We are currently scheduling shows now. I have a few websites folks can check out :

U Told Me ~ Monet (Monet)  and (Monet Cherise) (scroll down to find Vain, spirit, Thats Just the Way, Navajo Mood, u told me, wanna kiss you  now available on itunes as previews)

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