Indenture – a’tude

Friday in my children’s critique group, we discussed our personal publishing goals. One writer brought up the point that about now, years into writing and seeking representation, he would just like to get published. Period. That’s the goal, he stated. So a back and forth ensued, covering how much compromise one would sell their writing for, and what would be off-limits. In the end, we agreed to disagree.

Interestingly enough, to me at this point, I ran across this site: Whatever, and the post, The Man In The Frey Flannel Suit.  discussing an ‘opportunity’ for newbie writers. Swing over there to educate yourself about some of the new tactics seasoned writers (one in particular) sprinkle out as bait to snare new writers in the trap of ‘publishing because without a name behind you – you ain’t going nowhere’ guise.

In the meantime, debate still rages. What would you be willing to sell your manuscript for? How long would you try traditional tactics before considering alternatives, such as self-publishing, co-publishing, or drawer-publishing (stuff it away to be decided later).


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