Venues: O

Non-specific and/or Multiple Deadlines


Obsessed With Pipework Magazine

seeks poems from new and established writers

open submissions: quarterly publishing

details @


The Old Schoohouse Magazine

issues focuses on two themes, one historical and one academic

seeking articles and anecdotes about vital aspects of homeschooling and family life

details @



seeks short fiction and poetry in English or French

submissions in genres  “of speculative and fantastic literature (Fantasy, Science fiction, and all kinds of interstitial experiments)”

rolling submissions/accepting year-round

details @

(scroll down)



seeks a volunteer translator and a volunteer illustrator

details @



seeks new authors and new book ideas from writers exhibiting “…technical competence and a passion for explaining things clearly. We’re happy to work with first time authors, and encourage inquiries about virtually any topic…”

more details @


The Other Journal

accepting for themed issues

submissions include critical essays and reviews, poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction

see site for more info

“audience of The Other Journal includes church leaders and theologians, scholars and students, hipsters and artists, bookworms and movie buffs, ragamuffins and the unchurched, and websurfers of every stripe.”

details @


Other Voices Magazine: journal of the literary and visual arts

seeking poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, visual art, features and reviews

“not limited to the publication of female artists, we…encourage work by women. In addition to seeking work that reflects diverse cultural, sexual and regional perspectives, we also invite submissions from new and emerging writers and artists.”

deadlines are October 1 and April 1 annually

details @

(do offer contests w/ fees)


Ottawa Arts Review 

seeks subs for Spring issue 

Accepting Comics, Photography, 

Visual Art, Plays, Short Stories, Poetry, 

Prose, Interviews, & Serial Novels 


Out of Our 

seeks Poetry & artwork 

(scroll under subscriptions) 


Also at Out of Our 

call to collaborate on multimedia pieces 


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