Spotlight: Tracy Searight-Dibert

A breakfast crime of pancake proportions: who are you gonna call? The Detective Pancake! Children’s writer and elementary educator, Tracy Searight-Dibert pops in for a quick interview. Her next book, The Sister Who Won’t Stop Talking, comes on the heels of The Detective Pancake, both available on her website.

Q) Would you take us through your creative process (The Detective Pancake and upcoming release The Sister Who Won’t Stop Talking).

A) The creative process of Detective Pancake happened over an eight year period. I wrote Detective Pancake eight years ago. It started out as a story I told my son when he slept in and came downstairs to find his breakfast was gone. Over the years the story has evolved into what it is today. The Sister Who Won’t Stop Talking is a story about my two daughters. It is based on actual situations between the two sisters.

Q) How would you describe your writing: process, space, etc. (is it manic, one minute snatched here and there or long sessions in front of a desk and computer?)

A) My writing process is that I come up with an idea and write it down. At different times I work on it as ideas come to me. It just depends on the idea it can be a longer time on the computer or a quick paragraph added here and that. I do not have consist time daily where I sit down and write. I am usually in my classroom teaching and working with children when an idea comes to me. I write it down and come back to it later.

Q) What’s down the road for you? Where do you see yourself and your projects, and what advice would you offer to those who are on this same path?

A) I am working on a Christian book right now. I hope to have that published soon. I would like to develop my skills as a story teller and develop programs that would allow me to go out to schools in my area. I would like to develop a blog radio program.

The advice that I would give to someone who would like to have a book published is don’t give up. Be persistent. The easiest part is publishing the book the hard part is networking and advertising your book. There are thousands and thousands of books in the market and I didn’t realize how much you have to advertise to make your book known. Get a lot of bookmarkers, business cards and be prepared to give away some books.


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