Spotlight: Gennita Low


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Gennita Low, Jenn to her friends *wink* unwraps a layer or two about her writing life in this installment of Spotlight. I first discovered the multitalented Jenn on Facebook, thinking I was friending a fellow writer, who penned the Shadowy Assassins Series and Virtual Series. But I soon realized there’s more to her than a typical writing career: Jenn runs a roofing construction company. And she rescues Pomeranians, the ones that aren’t so cute and tiny. Oh, and she’s familiar with more languages than fingers on one hand: Chinese, Malay, German, Russian, English, and French!

Q) Okay, Jenn, we need some back story. How did you become an author, roofer, and multi-lingual mom to six dogs?

A) I like to tell people that I ran away from home to become a world famous author, but ended up as a world famous roofer first ;-). Life is strange that way. When I started my journey here in the States, nobody could pronounce the name Gennita, so I ended up as Jenn or Jenna for a long, long time. Then, 2002, an editor, Gena Pearson, bought my manuscript and after asking if I had another name because Jenny wasn’t “suspensy-sounding,” to our shock, we both had the same name; hers was Genitta, with two ts. How’s that for serendipity?

As for my love affair with mutant poms, I have always loved pomeranians. My first one ran away from her home and stayed with me for a month before her owner found her. She later gave me one of Lady’s kids.

(see trailer for Virtually Hers…)

Are you sure you want to hear the story of my original six mutants? They were dad, mom, and their four kids, and they were crazy furbabies who lived with me for almost 24 years. My blog readers are very familiar with their stories. Right now, I only have three mutant poms who aren’t related to those six but they too enrich my life. You’re thinking “crazy dog lady,” aren’t you ;-). Only with mutant poms, by which I mean poms that aren’t tiny.

Q) Now, about your work, where do you begin your writing? The end? Middle? How do your characters reveal themselves to you?

A) I begin my writing right from the beginning. I see a scene and go straight with it. My characters sort of walk onto a stage and then suddenly, voila, I have that scene that’s pivotal to their story. It does vary: sometimes it’s a line of dialogue; sometimes it’s a joke. For example, I had a long running joke in my first book, Into Danger. The main character, a Navy SEAL, was very INTRIGUED by the idea that there was a tattoo of Tweety Bird somewhere on my heroine’s body, and he spent an inordinate amount of time thinking about its whereabouts, since he couldn’t ever see it on her in spite of her revealing clothes. In the pivotal scene that those two naughty protags showed to me, he finally got his wish and found out about Tweety Bird, and …well, it wasn’t exactly where he thought it was.

Q) You’ve won some contests, how challenging was the process, would you do it over again, and how has this changed (or not) you as a writer?

Peek at Big Bad Wolf

As a writer today, I don’t enter into any contests any more, other than the major one, RWA’s RITA, an industry award. It’s an entirely different challenge because it’s read and judged by one’s peers. I think contests are very important for beginning authors to find where they are on the writing ladder–beginning, intermediate, etc.–so they could improve or make changes. It hasn’t changed me as a writer, but it definitely has opened more doors for me.

Thanks, Jenn for hanging out here a bit and letting us peek into your works. Jenn has a Facebook page, and a blog, so head on over there to read more.


12 thoughts on “Spotlight: Gennita Low

    • Glad you liked it Jennifer ~ there are so many blogs, thanks for choosing mine to stop for a few minutes and share your thoughts! I know Gennita appreciates you wishes ~ much luck in the contest!

    • I agree, Genn’s covers are beautiful…shows the inner beauty and strength of an animal lover. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Nancy, and good luck in the book contest!

  1. Great interview! I’ve always been so impressed that Jenna could speak 6 languages, or 7, if you include mutant pom! 😉 I’d love a chance to win Virtually Hers. Thanks for the great giveaway! 🙂

  2. That’s why I love her. The first time I discovered her, I was so intimidated that she knew so many languages because at the time I was tackling Spanish, Italian and German in university. Then I realized I could be of future help regarding Serbo-Croatian because she used that in The Hunter! I was so surprised and happy. Would LUUURRRRVVVV Virtually Hers!!!

    • Amazing ~ so glad you mentioned her languages and how she used them in THE HUNTER! She’s an awesome lady, I wish you luck in the contest on Dec 24! 🙂

  3. Gennita Low is one of my favorite authors and I have read all she has put out so far. Waiting for Alex and ‘T’ story. Reading is something I do everyday and encourage all to do. If you have not picked up a book in awhile or looking for a new author I recommend one of Gennita’s COS series. You will not be disappointed.

    • You’re right Aileen! Reading is something we can indulge in everyday…thanks for stopping by to share. I’m so glad I could spotlight one of your fav authors ~ you’re entered into the drawing on Dec. 24 ~ good luck! :~)

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