Spotlight: Laura≈LME

In this week’s spotlight: Laura Mercurio Ebohon known to her fans and followers as Laura≈LME. Her first poetry book in Italian – English “Se guardo dentro – If I look inside” is out now and she shares about this project, her writing process and her passion for giving back.

Q) You write poetry in Italian and in English, from where do you draw inspiration, and how did you develop your collection of poetry titled, “Se guardo dentro – If I Look Inside”?

A) My inspiration is life itself, life on different levels, everyday anxieties and spiritual promenades, emotions and experiences. It is about capturing that special moment in time when you look beyond the visible experiences and by closing your eyes, you start looking inside, without limitations of space or time. That is when you see with your soul and write with your heart, without breaks, without inhibitions.

That is how my Italian English collection of poems developed and became a book…

And from this book “Love Monologue” one of my poems recently became a video, video poetry… Spiritual artist, wonderful musician Regina Aislin got inspired by my verses and composed the music reciting the lyrics, Jonahh Oestreich took amazing pictures and Jack Varnell aka The Emotional Orphan produced the video… Truly fantastic collaboration between artists from different parts of the world, Italy, UK, US… This is the link to watch Love Monologue Video Poetry Project:

I always think how incredibly beautiful it is to have found on the web so many wonderfully inspired Artists willing to collaborate, share and support…

Another fantastic online “success” was to find Kristina Laurendi Havens, such a talented visual Artist! Her painting “Guarded” became my book cover, please read this article to know more about this great story of Twitter connection and shared success:

Q) Laura, what is your writing life like? Do you write full-time? Have a space devoted to writing? What would surprise us about you and your writing style?

A) My writing life is not a continuous flow in terms of transferring words on paper or screen, it is like a ride that starts and stop but always in motion inside of me… I call my poetry “verses in motion” because even if I do not write all the time, I take them with me on a journey through life. My writing style has many different angles… Something that might surprise you is that I always write with music, music is essential to my writing verses, the mood, the rhythm, the pauses, the sound of words following other words, almost as if they were dancing, as I often dance with them… There is also a very strong evocative component: a place, a far away sound or a small object, apparently not important, suddenly enter the visual camp and take my mind towards other shores never forgotten! . It could be a bench, an old garden, a birthday card or a photograph, every object has the effect of dipping my soul into deep inspiration.

Q) On your Italian and English blog readers find a regular column called Soft Whispers plus you’ve just added a Radio Show. Tell us about these projects and what other things we may see in the future.

A) As soon as I started writing, years ago, I had the idea of creating an online community for people willing to share their passion for poetry, art, music. A sort of open group where everybody is welcome and everybody can invite their friends! Feeling free to share links of poetry, fiction, photography, books, art and music. Sharing vibes of inspiration, exchanging ideas about things that make our soul cords vibrate, taking us to places where waves rock our heart… And today I can say that that dream has come true: we have a Facebook page:

 And we are on twitter too:  @VersesInMotion 

Soft Whispers is an online magazine of fiction and poetry founded by my very talented friend, writer and poet Jim Bronyaur. I love collaborating with Jim on the Soft Whispers Week… It’s exciting, we pick words and we create verses around them…

One of my ongoing projects is also the “Verses in Motion” (VIM) show on GetYourz Radio, hosted by me and Cecilia Sammy. Every third Wednesday of the month, we surf on waves of poetry, fiction, music, culture, featuring guests from all over the world. Check out the GetYourz World site and register to listen to the show and enter the chatroom.

Another of the projects I am involved in is Zen Army

Zen Army founded by Indigo Cantor in 2007, is dedicated to active participation through volunteer work in communities, the lives of individuals & the world as a whole. Our mission involves caring for those in need, Disaster Relief, Animal Welfare, Senior care, Health & nutrition, Social Justice, Environmental issues, as well as educating individuals, corporations, & communities on how to successfully implement and or participate in volunteer programs.  
We are active in our communities and we encourage and facilitate others to do so as well. Please visit our website and enlist, become a peaceful warrior!



    1. Happy New Year Clarissa ~ Laura really is a treasure and I’m so happy to give her the spotlight, she deserves so much more! Thanks for stopping by ~ feel free to come often! 🙂

    1. Thank you Marinela! All the best during the holidays…btw I’m enjoying your poems on ~ especially like the idea of using the 5W to teach children!

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