SNOW-down 2011 begins!

Today was a perfect day to catch up on my email, yet I was drawn outside…the beautiful snow was supposed to change to freezing rain in the afternoon; I wanted to get out there before it got ugly.

We bundled up and headed outside. The first thing we did was brush off the cars, then we shook down the bushes and shoveled the front walkway. Now we had enough snow in an area to build a whopper of a snow-frog. Not your usual winter decoration, but typical for my yard – I have a frog downspout on one of my gutters and a frog welcome sign in the front garden. 🙂

After a few pics, we headed to the backyard. One look at the deck and we agreed…it was beautiful and didn’t need clearing off! However, we did add some bird seed to the feeders and set out some ground feeders: the dark-eyed juncos, house finches, and pigeons were scrounging everywhere.

Less than an hour and a half later, I am back inside, with a warm coffee mug to begin answering email while the sleet patters against the window. Sometimes it’s good to flip the day and play first!


12 thoughts on “SNOW-down 2011 begins!

  1. Yes, options and buttons have found a new home in Blackboard. But with a bit of puzzling – and I like that – it will be alright. Have been finding solutions along the way 🙂

    I’ll dare take on your suggestion about the stuffed frog, if you dare to wrestle with my huuuuuuuge brown bear. But watch out, he’s wearing a cowboy hat! 😉

  2. It was almost 80 degrees here in south Florida today. I walked our dog in my shorts! Hard to believe you were making a snow frog, Roxie! Thanks for sending this with your pictures. Happy snow day!

    • Do you miss it Lori? LOL We miss you, but I totally envy the 80 degrees: we’re on day 2! Snow still looks pretty nice, didn’t get beaten down by the freezing rain…Happy typical FLA day to ya, Lori! 🙂

  3. hehe! slithering, I imagine it’d be more like flopping around!
    congrats on backtoworkday ~ those are always odd, you belong but it’s a bit out of sorts bc of absence.

    • Absence of brain alright! Plus an enormous change in our Blackboard program. It hasn’t exactly been my most productive day.
      Perhaps a nice wrestle with your magnificent snow frog would help?

      • Ah, that would be better with the lovely green giant stuffed frog in my office…a gift from some students who knew I dug frogs, LOL!
        Change in program? Sounds like too much work!

    • It was! Some of the beauty is disappearing now: sleet tends to beat it down. But it’s all ready freezing on the roads – cancellations are adding up for tomorrow – whoohoo, an excuse to ease in to another day!

      • Be careful out there eh! I don’t want you slithering and sliding on your knees, trying to crawl back inside 😉
        Today was my first work day after a three week holiday. How I would love to ease into another day too, unable to get to the uni haha.

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