The power of three: Bona Fide Books, Flip Flap Floodle and NAIWE

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution about your writing career? Every week I have certain goals, some I meet, and others I keep on my list for the next week. And some I carry over to the next month. Where ever you are in your writing life, I hope you make a habit of patting yourself on the back, high-fiving along with other’s successes, and reaching for the next goal.

Here are three opportunities for you to encourage yourself this week:  

  • For those interested in Bona Fide Books submission for ‘nervy’ manuscripts  (see post) – I received an email from Erin Bechtol, Editorial Assistant to clarify what they are seeking.

Here’s her reply:

“By calling for ‘nervy’ manuscripts, we are trying to get original pieces. It was our way of trying to access more fresh voices, rather than the same old formulaic work we typically receive. Essentially, we’re looking for the stories that need to be told that no one seems to be telling, written with a clear voice and interesting perspective. I hope that helps your readers understand where we’re coming from a little better.”

In addition to her comments, my suggestion for publishers who may be unfamiliar:

1)      Read their site, blogs, and any thing they’ve recently published.

2)      Research them on your favorite search engine.

3)      Lastly, (seriously, this is the last step) don’t be shy about asking them…they want to limit submissions to their specific requirements, so approach them with an inquisitive spirit.

Bona Fide Books is also accepting short fiction and nonfiction (500 words or less) about Lake Tahoe for a new anthology.  

  • There’s still time to enter author/illustrator Joan Edward’s giveaway – a copy of her children’s book, Flip Flap Floodle. Enter on her blog ~ 
  •  The National Association of Independent Writers and Editors is hosting a teleclass for members “Taxes and the Freelance Writer or Editor.” More details ~

So writers, let me hear from you! Will you send in that nervy manuscript? Enter Joan’s contest? Register for the teleclass? Or enter a submission in the other venues I’ve added in the last few days? What are you doing to encourage/promote yourself as a writer this week?



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