Writers, Poets, Artists: Collective Fallout, The Common, and Silk Road Review accepting subs

Silk Road Review

Flash Fiction Contest

deadline May 6 2011

details @ http://silkroad.pacificu.edu/flashfictioncontest.html




Silk Road Review

accepts “finely crafted fiction, essays, poetry and translations that give readers a vivid point of exchange, an interaction that could occur only in a specific time and space.”

reading Aug 1 – May 1 annually

details @ http://silkroad.pacificu.edu/Submit.html


The Common

(Amherst College)

accepts stories, poems, essays, translations, and dispatches (particular shorts)

seeks “to recapture an old idea…embody particular times and places both real and imagined; from deserts to teeming ports; from Winnipeg to Beijing; from Earth to the Moon: literature and art powerful enough to reach from there to here. In short, we seek a modern sense of place.”

Issue 2 deadline May 15, 2011

details @  http://www.thecommononline.org/about#submit

(scroll down to find submission guidelines)


Collective Fallout

accepts short story/flash fiction/novelette, poetry, drama, graphic novel/comic book pages, art/photography (for covers)

themes and deadlines:

March 1 through May 15 for the July’s Futuristic issue. Submissions for the Futuristic issue should relate to science fiction, alternate history, or similar genres.

August 1 through November 15 for the themeless January 2012 issue. During this period, we will also be accepting submissions for the Calamus Prize for Queer Speculative Poetry (entry fee)

February 1 through May 15 for the themeless July 2012 issue.

details for all @ http://collectivefallout.com/submission-guidelines/


find more A – Z listings  on the  opportunities page 

for monthly deadlines check “Quick Finds” in the right margin

subscribe to receive email updates and/or RSS Feeds also in the right margin


  1. Hola, ROXIE!!!–I always think of that song, “Roxanne” whenever I visit your blogcasa. All you need is a flickering red light to create the right atmosphere–ahhh yeah–for the SONG.
    Hey, thanks for the “silk road” link/post. I explored their site and read a short story about a baby found in a Coke box left by a mailbox in winter. I’ll definitely explore their offerings more in the future. Parenting is about more than giving birth and these characters prove that in spades. Great read.

    1. Hahaha! yep, that’s what happens, the song is stuck in YOUR head now. Teehee…
      Glad the silk road link is of interest, the story you describe sounds haunting. I’m still checking into places for your piece, nothing yet, but it’s still on my radar. I’ll keep you ‘posted’ 😉

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