I’ve noticed a trend that’s on the upswing: artists collaborating with writers. My interest is piqued as a highly visual peep. But the shift to collaboration is not new. It seems the popularity for this product is on the tip of the bell curve once more.

Right on the cutting edge, a member from my critique group brought in a poem to share last week. She sketched her interpretation in colored pencils around the text. After much ooohing and aaahing, we convinced her that it was worthy of her signature and we each left with copy of her lovely art. Rosemary is one talented lady!


I started thinking of where I first saw visual art. It would have to be in one of Eric Carle’s books. Layer upon layer he skillfully lines his story pages with tissue paper. Check out Mister Seahorse if you haven’t read one of his newer works. 

Another artist comes to mind: Rodolfo Morales.  His collage work for Angel’s Kite (La estrella de Ángel), story by Alberto Blanco, is said to be among his favorite creations. Mine too.   

If you seek a venue that accepts visual art, pop over to Dancing Girl Press, creator of all things book, paper, and ephemera. They will begin accepting subs for their chapbook series August 1.  

Another place that may interest you is Status Hat. View their new project, TRIGGER, showcasing the works of visual artists, short stories writers and poets.  Word has it that they will launch a call for the second project in the fall.

Or, if you are seeking a publisher for your visual poetry, try one of the newest concepts in printing (one chapbook at a time) at This is Visual Poetry: you can submit your collection using this LINK.  

* Taijitu refers to the Chinese symbol for the concept of yin and yang…contrary forces interconnected and interdependent in the natural world.



  1. I think this is a trend that we see more & more lately, we’ve been combining photography and writing on our website to create what we cal a “photostory”. The idea being that combining the two mediums one can at least compliment each other or maybe even enhance what the viewer sees. We receive a lot of submissions and as editors it’s always an exciting challenge to try and match images to words from all over the world.

    1. Photostory – great name! I’ll pop over there and see your site, sounds fascinating…I’m always adding venues, are you interested in keeping me posted on submission deadlines, urls, etc.? 🙂

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