The best summer retreat: admission $1

August is almost over! I can’t believe it’s been almost two weeks since I spoke at the Luncheon Literary Society! I shared with the group my organization tips and tricks that have aided me as a writer for the last few decades. (That doesn’t sound so bad, cause I didn’t spell it out in years…LOL.)

Grove Park Inn


The next day I packed for a trip to Asheville and let me say: FABulous mountain retreat! The Grove Park Inn Resort and Spa is lovely any time of year, but gorgeous in the summer!





We also had a chance to tour Thomas Wolfe’s homestead and visitor center to hear all about his writing, including his infamous novel, “Look Homeward, Angel”. 


Thomas Wolfe Home




The admission was the best deal around: $1, but they plan on raising the rate in the fall to $5. During the presentation they mentioned Wolfe’s original manuscript was over 1,000 pages! They gave props to his editor who really polished that piece.


Since I had time, I popped into one of my fav book haunts, Malaprop’s Bookstore: a great indie shop. Another divine place, French Broad Chocolate Lounge – simply DELISH, was on my must-visit-list: where we had a relaxing afternoon treat. I joke about a desire to be a food critic, so I can say wonderful and not-so-flattering things when we dine out, but I really don’t want that responsibility. I’ll just take the good and forget the ugly. This trip had all the good!

Once home, I met with a professor at a local college to discuss a poetry reading. I’m still pinching myself about that one. She heard me read some of my work last year and said she thought my pieces were soul-stirring. EEEK! I hope my nerves don’t get the best of me! She offered me two opportunities, one for the incoming class and another at a workshop they’ll be having in October.

This week I’ve settled back into a routine: ghostwriting and tackling my pieces. It’s amazing how time flies in the summer, buzzing us into another school year for the kiblets around here. The fall SCBWI conference is just around the corner, and we’re feeling the excitement!

Fall is in the air, but cooler temps are not. I leave you with an image to warm your hearth ;)…one of two giant fireplaces at the Grove Park Inn.





  1. Roxie,

    Thanks for sharing about your adventures. Grove Park Inn has lovely grounds–well worth the visit, even if you don’t get to spend the night. I went to a conference there once myself. I enjoyed your photos. I’ll have to tour the Thomas Wolfe Home sometime. Congratulations on the special presentations to come where you share your poetry! Way to go, Roxie!

    Linda A.

    1. I agree – absolutely LOVE the grounds and the building is very inpressive, too! Glad you got to see it, and I highly recommend Wolfe’s homestead tour, lots of great history. Thanks for cheering me on, I’m not a person who enjoys the spotlight. 😉

  2. Dear Roxie,
    I loved going to Asheville with you via photos. I’m very glad you had a great time. It’s absolutely wonderful that you will do a poetry reading soon. Go, Roxie, go.

    Joan Y. Edwards

    1. Thanks Joan, you’re a fabulous cheerleader! Tuesday’s the reading…I have to say I’m not nearly as nervous as last year, though they say the audience will be twice the size 🙂

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