Damn Good

I’m working my way through James N. Frey’s  “How to Write a Damn Good Mystery (St. Martin’s Press),” taking notes while I read. The book could be considered a course for those who enjoy working at your own pace.

A fellow writer, Joan Edwards, suggested his work, praising his user-friendly guides were more than the usual fast-read. She’s absolutely right: he offers step-by-step practical pointers. Readers follow him through an idea to the birth of the mystery plot, to the final triumphant catch: the murderer is revealed!

While I often use character biographies to create 3-D people, Frey offers a different take, one that is useful for main characters and those appearing in only one scene: journaling in that characters voice. This method allows an author to round out those rough edges that may not be visible with a bio.

I’ll begin Chapter 15 tomorrow, catch ya’ll at the end. Meantime, write well and write often! 🙂



6 thoughts on “Damn Good

  1. I’m trying to write well, and, lately, am writing often. I don’t think I’ll be a mystery writer, although I like a little mystery in any story. 🙂 I’ve been collecting info about the writing process on my blog, so it’s good to see what you’re learning, too.

    • Awesome! The more I write the better I get, I suppose that’s true of everyone – You’re right, there’s a bit of mystery in every story, propelling the reader forward with questions. I’ll pop on over and read some of your collected pieces, sounds great! namaste~

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