Shame on the BIG THREE NETWORKS: only A-H is important?

I wag my finger at the big three networks who chose to cut away from the 9/11 Memorial this morning in the middle of loved ones reading names of the victims taken from us on that day. Are the names of those who precede H unimportant?

I was paying special attention, tuned in from the beginning, catching every name and tearing up right along with the readers. Then halfway through the reading of names beginning with H the network cut away to some special music.

We saw Paul Simon sing his song and then the network announcers on the channel I was watching returned to their mindless babble. Thinking I could find coverage on another network, I flipped through the other two large choices. No, they were also talking.

This is a slap in the face to those of us who are remembering loved ones and friends. At this moment, names are still being read on C-SPAN and I’m sure they must be on other networks, just not the BIG THREE.

I apologize for rising on my soapbox on this day, however, I must speak up. Those names are sacred to us and we want to hear them. The names represent lives cut down. I – Z are just as important.




  1. What worries me is that you’re the only person I’ve seen who commented on this (including myself).

    Sadly, it seems a sign that glitzy presentation and pandering to an ADD audience is more important to our society than remembering those who lost their lives.

    1. You make a great point: we are too quick to flit from one thing to the next…to the detriment of our futures. For if we forget, we will suffer again. And this piece of American history should not be forgotten. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

  2. Roxie, I agree. In watching the memorial presentations, I , too was disappointed in the media’s focus changes. Those names are sacred to so many of us who wanted to hear them, grieve together their untimely passing at the hands of a horrible fate, and pay our silent respects to those innocent victims. After all, we lost them In the attack against us all.


    1. Exactly…and while all of us could not travel to be there on this particular day, we wanted to unite with them where we were…I have to say, the memorial grounds are lovely, from what I could tell. The atmosphere is reverent and respectful, as it should be: kudos to those who did a wonderful job designing and implementing the site.

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