Sunday Funny: Wordplay

I love to play around with words. While watching TV one day, looking for character trait, of course, I tuned in to a popular game show that I will not name.

The host announced the category coming up would be Before and After. The idea is to combine two popular phrases to create a new, wacky, three-word phrase.

After playing along a bit, my mind began to wander and I jotted down a few topics inspired by this episode.

I doubt that these make it to the big screen, but they’re fun to imagine…A few of these have been modified from my original post in 2009, but they’re all my original zany mash-ups.

For those who enjoy a trip to the spa beware of the Tanning Bed Wetter

And if you watch your diet you may be known as a Low Fat Ass

Drink like a bird and become the pub’s Bar Stool Pigeon

Concerned about natural products? Try Chicken Breast Implants

Spruce up the décor with Curtain Rod Stewart

Have you had enough? A few more perhaps?

A good companion is a TV Guide Dog

Gray turning your head? Try Hair Spray Tan

Where does one drop money in Vegas? At the Penn & Teller Window



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