Sunday Funny: Cranky pants

no funny today…feeling sorry for myself because I dislocated my wrist 😦

 means I type with one hand the old-fashioned way: hunt and peck…ACKKKK!!!!

 good times will return soon, have a great week ya’ll!




  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your wrist! Is there anything I can do to help? I’d type things
    for you, but you’d have to type them to send them to me so I guess that wouldn’t be very helpful.
    Let me know if I can help in some way.


  2. My dearest sweet Cranky Pants
    Please give me your aching hands
    And let me hold your rebel wrist:
    It just needs to be kissed!

    Like I did so often with my child
    When he’d been running wild
    Scraped knee, bump on head
    No medicine but kisses in stead

    Now with you, let me set things right
    If you promise you won’t bite!
    Be brave, hold still, it will be well
    But keep it secret, hush, don’t tell

    This magic only works with friends
    Who care for each other across the lands
    Now for joint be patient, be kind
    Or I will firmly kick your behind 😉

    I do hope your wrist feels better soon
    For you will go crazy, staring at the moon
    Before you know it your life is once again snug
    Come here Roxie, for best wishes and a hug


    1. Oh Marvelous Mar! The poem is lovely and I am so unworthy. You’ve brightened my day, a thousand thank yous! Creative genius – Mar you should think about situational poetry and writing for pay, peeps tell you the topic and you go to town for a fee! Of course, mine was free, right? (((HUGS))) for your kindness , dahling! 🙂

      1. Anything to make you a bit happier dear Roxie! As for the fee.. just a smile! 🙂

        About making money through writing – if only – I’m trying to set up a small business called ‘DutchText’. Here’s is the link to my website: Of course you won’t be able to read much, but perhaps you’d like to look around.

        *hugs* try to spare your wrist, don’t go chopping wood too soon sweetie.

        1. awesome – I’ll pop over…love to check out other peep’s decorated space! Chopping wood, LOL, I’d be happy just to fix my hair, pulling it back in a ponytail hurts like hell, and is impossible w/ one hand! Ah, this too will pass, thanks for the company 😉

    1. Thanks Kim, not having much fun, wish I could claim it was from typing…bought a new bookshelf at IKEA and disclocated it at the checkout counter! Some story 😦 waiting for it to heal before I enjoy the shelf.

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