Five reasons to find Happy in your Holidays

It’s the beginning of all things holiday: commercials, programs, talk around work, everything breathes happy times ahead.

In the spirit of happy times, I want to share some things I’ve run across that might interest you.

1)      What would the holidays be like without food? And how do busy folks cope with the stress of all that cooking? Rachel Ray to the rescue! Her hotline is open tomorrow, November 16, noon to 6:00pm EST…check it out: Rachel’s Thanksgiving Helpline

2)      Hallmark’s homerun this year – the commercial with the soldier listening to his child read from the storybook, sniffle, gets me: Hallmark’s Recordable Storybooks

3)      On the humorous side, Mental Floss tops the list with all things hypochondriac: The Complete Manual of Things That Might Kill You “Dedicated entirely to a hypochondriac’s perspective on health, this revolutionary book outlines the world’s worst maladies, conveniently organized according to your symptoms (real or imagined).”

4)      Do you give gifts? What about a local alternative, say gift certificates to shops in your community? Oil Changes, Haircuts, House Cleaning – all services that people appreciate during this tight economy, but still need…do them and the economy a favor: buy locally.

5)      Lastly, what would the holidays be like if we weren’t writing about them? Our wonderful relatives – short on manners and long on visits – make great stories. Enjoy every masticating, gesticulating, and presbyopic family member and make them awesome characters for your stories: just change them up enough to disguise who they really are!

Ah, happy times are ahead, I wish you successful hunting 🙂




    1. thanks, glad you liked it…I’m constantly reminded to look for good amid all the negativity in the world today. It’s not that hard to find once I train my eye 🙂

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