Spotlight: Michael Lee

Michael Lee, aka Golden Age of Geek on Twitter, shares his love of writing through his interests in Sci-Fi, football, and food. He believes a storyteller’s imagination is fueled by passion. Here he discusses his writing inspirations including his favorite band Depeche Mode.

Q) You have a blog and twitter name of Golden Age of Geek. But you also have a foodie blog and a darker blog. How would you describe yourself and meld all those personalities together?

A) First I believe the definition of “Geek” and “Nerd” has greatly expanded. I came up with the Twitter name Golden Age of Geek because I look around and I see “geeks” everywhere. It’s not just science fiction or fantasy. I define geek as being insanely passionate about something. It’s a function of our information society. People from all over get together online and share their passions and their knowledge. The logical outcome is worldwide geekdom! So for me it’s easy to blend in my love of horror and paranormal and fine food into being a geek. There are food geeks out there, millions of them. They have their own channel, two of them in fact. There are sports geeks, people who never played a down of football but have every pro and college stat memorized like it was religious dogma. Look at Moneyball. One of the characters they talk about was this outsider who just obsessed about baseball stats. Music geeks can give you the entire history of a band like Depeche Mode. And that’s where the name Golden Age of Geek comes from. This is the golden age. We’re all geeks about something. Can you imagine not having ANY passions about anything?

So I celebrate the things I’m passionate about, food, sci fi, horror and the paranormal, football, and most importantly writing. I’ve always been interested in storytelling and writing. It was the most amazing thing. You opened up your imagination and people wanted to read that and share it.

Q) What’s your current TO DO list, both short term and long term, and what’s been lurking in your project past?

A) Right now I’m busy plugging my latest eBook From Russia with Blood, ( Nook, at Amazon, on Smashwords) the first in series of paranormal adventures about a vampire spy. I hope to have the sequel done sometime next year.

I’m currently working on a sequel to my very well reviewed eBook My Frankenstein, ( on Nook, at Amazon, on Smashwords, facebook page).

Working on both My Frankenstein and From Russia with Blood  led to a lot of historical research. Another thing I geek over is history, especially military history. A dream Christmas gift would be a complete collection of Osprey Military books! I’ve finally managed to find a way to shoehorn that in with my writing. I’m currently working on a collection of paranormal stories taking place at different time periods called History of Blood. I’ll be releasing a few of them on my blog Dark Age of Geek and eventually collecting them into another book or eBook.

Speaking of Dark Age of Geek, throughout the holiday season I’ll be putting out a Horror Geek’s Gift Guide, gift suggestions for those whose tastes run a little darker.

Finally sometime after New Year I’ll be restarting my Golden Age of Geek blog with a countdown of the most influential science fiction/fantasy and horror films.

Q) Let’s play a one-word game. If you could describe your writing in one word, what would it be, and why did you choose that word? Okay, now how would your close friends/family describe you in one word, and why do you think they’d pick that one?

A) First part – Action. When I’m dreaming up stories usually what comes to mind first are action sequences or scare sequences. It helps me to keep things active and moving.

Second part – Diligent. I never stop working at what I’m passionate about.

Thanks so much for having me here!

Thank you Mike, glad you had some time to join the spotlight before the holidays! Find Mike’s works on any of these great sites, and sign up to follow his blog, facebook and twitter.

From Russia with Blood – Nook        From Russia with Blood – Amazon  

  From Russia with Blood – Smashwords  

 My Frankenstein – Nook       My Frankenstein – Amazon   

My Frankenstein – Smashwords       My Frankenstein on Facebook

 Dark Age of Geek – gift guide is underway   

   Golden Age of Geek blog          Golden Age of Geek on Twitter

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  1. Roxie

    Thanks so much for the spotlight. I should clarify that I like Depeche Mode but I wouldn’t call them my favorite band but I did hear a hilarious story concerning them one time.

    My brother was sitting with some people and there was a DP song playing and a lady said, “Oh it’s so bad that the lead singer died.”

    One of my brother’s friends spoke up and told her David Gahan wasn’t dead.

    The lady was sure the lead singer of Depeche Mode had died and suggested Gahan replaced the original lead singer of DP. My brother’s friend then proceeded to recount the entire history of the band to emphasis the fact that David Gahan has ALWAYS been the lead singer.

    And when I heard the story I thought to myself THAT was a true music geek.


    1. Yep, a true sign of dedicated geekdom. But like you said, what would the world be like without our passions? Ah, glad you pointed out that they’re not your fav, but you sure are dishing, LOL! Thanks again for appearing in the spotlight!!! 😉

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