Holiday Fix

I’m back from my vacation and I’m seeing double! Things seem to have multiplied while I was away – the stack of snail mail, email, and general paperwork lines up against unpacking, laundry and normal chores left undone for over a week.

Not only did I thoroughly enjoy our family island getaway, I picked up a case of the back-to-work blues 😦 . We spent days on the beach, the weather was divine, and we dodged the rainstorm that rocked the area on Christmas day.

As I recall our getaway, I stare at my to-do list and wonder – how can I get back to vacation bliss? Do I really need to wait until next year to enjoy each day? The empty suitcase stares back.

Moments later, my thoughts are interrupted as the smoke/co detector bleeps, threatening our evening. My trio of cats dive horrified under the bed. I head straight to the battery drawer, yes I have one of those, grab a 9-volt, pull the ladder out of the garage, and climb the steps, intending to make quick work of this: pop out the old battery and insert a new one.

Except, the hardwired unit insists on bleeping even though the new battery snuggles comfortably inside. I suck in some deep breaths reminding me I don’t need to panic, this too will pass. However, I’m ready to jump in my car, dirty laundry in tow, all the way back to my island.

I should mention hubs is out running an errand and I’m home alone with three terrified felines and one chanting detector. And the unhappy mother sensor is in the hallway, echoed by the three bedroom units, singing rounds. Bleep! long pause, Bleep…Bleep…Bleep!!!

Scouring drawers and closets, I try to figure out where the instruction manual is buried. In the midst of hide-and-seek, hubs returns. He knows just where to find it. 

He reads, shouting over the noise, while I listen. It’s turning into a scene from a TV comedy, but after a bit of creative communicating, we learn our system is exactly seven years old, and will chirp at this ripe age, indicating the need to replace it.

Long story short, hubs takes a quick trip to our trusty hardware store for a new unit, and I stay home to monitor the safety of our abode. Then, once the new unit is in place and testing done, I coax the cats out with special treats. Aaah, peace at last.

Boring details of my life? Nah, just normal stuff. Comedy – it’s what life is all about – those quirky details will find their way into one of my character’s lives. And I’ll laugh about it, just not today.

I’ll bet your life yields material at every turn, too. As the New Year dawns, make a resolution to study yours with your writer’s eye.

Happy New Year and to all…a peaceful night! 😉


8 thoughts on “Holiday Fix

  1. They do that after seven years? I had no idea either Roxie!

    The sound of a fire alarm is very loud. It will slide through your brain and bans every sensible thought, except the wish to claw at the device to get it off the wall and then throw it in the sound proof trunk of your car until it stops. But then you can’t sleep because of the fear of fire. Wicked stuff! 😉

    My alarms go off when it’s humid. And it IS humid in Holland. Even in the middle of the night, scaring me, my sons and probably the whole block senseless. Running through the house, sniffing like a hunting dog but smelling nothing. Hammering heart and painful ears.

    You all get a hug from me, hubs and cats included.

    • Yes, that’s exactly what I was saying, only the talking detector usually lets me know when the battery is low, so I figured she was on a holiday break and forgot, LOL. Thank you, wishing you a wonderful NY too!

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