Sunday Funny: ringing in the funky new year!

Interested in an odd or off-the-wall New Year’s night? Plan ahead for the next one with these destinations. America’s fascination with food and creatures. What do we do? Drop em!

Happy day after New Year’s eve: may the wind be under your feet, the sun on your back and spending money in your pocket, namaste.


Giant Little Apple Drop Not Manhattan on the East Coast – check out the ruby red gem of Kansas…

Cheese Drop Note: the New Year’s Eve Party was cancelled due to construction but the cheese went down!

Bologna Drop  12 foot 200 lb. no phony bologny here…also read about Hershey PA’s giant chocolate kiss drop, though it’s not real chocolate ;(

Pickle Drop  inspiration for the event comes from “a boast made by World War II bombardiers that they were so accurate, they could drop a bomb into a pickle barrel.”

Watermelon Drop 3rd event listed…A 500 lb. watermelon rises to the sky filled with real watermelons!

MoonPie Drop  A 600 lb. marshmallow creme pie and Mardi Gras parade…

Sardine and Maple Leaf Drop   followed by a nightcap at Dastardly Dicks…

Carp Drop  seize and kiss the carp, for luck!

Flea, Flower, and Fun Drop  exploded last year, what will happen this year?

Pelican Drop children invited to stomp…

Opossum Drop  technically it’s lowered not dropped…I quote: “…We bring the possum to start the event and then the blessing and then we bring out the queens of the last ten years and show them off…and the church singing of songs and then the drop.”

Flip Flop Drop  New event! Inspired by The Big Apple in NY!

Red High-Heel Drop  Spicy drag queen Sushi descends from on high…

Drop everything   in Pennsylvania: from wrenches to strawberries, cars to sleds and everything in between! These people party!

For more objects dropped check out Wikipedia… What does your state/country drop?



2 thoughts on “Sunday Funny: ringing in the funky new year!

    • Yums, liquorice, That pic is super COOL! I’m speechless, and my mouth is drooling a bit 😉 I think there’s a new greeting on the horizon: Happy drop em NY!

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