Sunday Funny: Saving the planet one typewriter at a time!

Are there days when you want to unplug from life?

Do you remember the aromatic scent of white-out? And what of the good ‘ole days of changing a ribbon and using a bar of soap to clean your fingertips after the ceremonial event? Extinct, perhaps not…

Join the movement to save typewriters from extinction…Ashland Creek Press is leading the way!

Kudos Ashland Creek Press for your contribution to this worthy cause!




  1. Have my grandpa’s manual. I took pics of it before Christmas to use on my blog. I couldn’t believe it still worked! I love the ‘click’ of the keys on those old things.

    1. Ain’t that the truth! that’s why they’re fondly appreciated…and they only crash when you throw them across the room, hehehe! Glad I found your funny bone 😉

  2. Roxie, I adore these typewriters. And I actually learned to type on a big Adler machine, which made the whole house tremble beneath my fingers 😉 No backspace, no delete. Do it right… or do it again 🙂

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