Sunday Funny: When has the Internet EVER lied to us?

You never see cute puppies or babies lying to us…


Definition (just one of many, mind you): recline – to stretch out on a surface that is slanted or horizontal…perhaps that’s what has happened, not blatant untruths, just a little flattening and stretching. 😉

Ever wonder about those too good to be true email offers? Cannot Save Here offers some humor on the subject.

What about discovering a cool new website? Sharing that info with a friend? How to make a LIE DETECTOR using HTML by Jim Bumgardner.

And the penalty for those dastardly deeds? Lying may get you prison time. According to Blake Deppe from People’s World.

What’s one to do? Know this: ABC news reports that people tell an average of two lies every day!

Who can we trust? Wikipedia of course! There’s a condition for that: Münchausen by Internet.



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